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Lioness’s Resource Hub for Entrepreneurs to Conquer Their Stress

Stress is considered a “silent killer” – but don’t let that stress you out more! It’s essential for all women entrepreneurs to keep their anxiety under control. Pushing yourself too hard can have disastrous consequences on your health. Three years ago, Lioness’s Co-Founder, Natasha Zena, was sent to the ER over high blood pressure from stress.

Managing your stress level is hard for any entrepreneur, but everyone seems to have different needs and strategies. Meditating might help, but how do you squeeze in the time between Zoom calls? How do you stay on top of your business and keep yourself sane?

It’s possible when you find the best technique for you. We have a roundup of the best resources across Lioness to help you breathe out and conquer your stress.

General tips for stress

Need a good place to start? Check out these articles for general discussions and tips.

Gather inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs

When your work becomes overwhelming, learning about other women entrepreneurs might provide the motivation you need.

Lower stress through exercise

Even a brisk walk can help you feel more relaxed. We have resources on how to fit activity into your hectic life.

Build healthy habits for self-care

It’s easy to brush off your physical and emotional needs in favor of getting just one more task done. Ignoring these basics, though, can quickly build up your stress.

Manage your finances

Money is a major stressor for anyone running a business. The best way to overcome that stress is to get comfortable with your budget and spending.

Practice self-reflection and mindfulness

Taking a few moments a day to think about your goals and gratitude can boost your happiness and make you feel more relaxed.

Strive for confidence and happiness

No matter how successful you are, women are especially prone to self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Stop worrying and trust in your capabilities.

Create healthy work habits

Even if you don’t realize it, something about your work life may be piling onto your stress. Set boundaries, take breaks and read these tips on to ensure your business doesn’t overwhelm you.

Balance your work and family life

If you’re a working mom, the stress can feel insurmountable. We have some tips on how to raise a family and build your business.

Hear about other entrepreneurs who experienced stress

Sometimes, learning that you’re not struggling alone is enough to push you through the tough times.

Just for fun

Want to take a quick breather? Scroll through some casual articles on entertainment and fashion.

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