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Offline Sales Conversions Still Trump Online Sales Conversions

About 96 percent of your website visitors aren’t buying from you. The odds of conversion in person are better. Why? And how can we turn the odds of online sales in your favor? Kim L. Clark sheds some light on online sales conversions.

How To Sell To People Online With Short Attention Spans

By Jorie Goins With so much being thrown at Internet users each day, how can you catch their eyes and keep the interest of those with short attention spans? We asked entrepreneur Richard Rabbat, the founder of Gfycat.

Growth = Survival: Taking Your Venture To the Next Level

Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, your business must continually move forward and grow. Being stagnant can kill it. In business, Growth = Survival.

The Impact Customer Returns Can Have Your Bottomline And What To Do About It

So what can you do to turn customer returns around at your retail establishment? Patrick Thuot, vice president of Storetraffic, stops by with solutions.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Time-Sucking Tire-Kickers

Tire-kickers are individuals who are best described as time-wasters who parachute into your business and pretend to be an interested buyer.

I Hate Selling And I Stink At It — What Can I Do To Get Over That? Kathy Caprino Gives You The Goods

When you hate selling, how can you get over it and prosper when you stink at it? Kathy Caprino takes us inside how to ease into the sales process.

How To Create Marketing Campaigns That Generate Sales Leads

A limited understanding will only produce a fraction of what is possible. Create marketing campaigns that generate sales leads and produce ROI.

The Psychology Of Pricing

You have to consider your customers’ inclinations when creating your prices. Kim L. Clark talks about the psychology of pricing and how to do it right.

Are You Giving Away Too Much Free Advice?

You visit a prospective client, demonstrate your expertise by giving quality answers to their questions and then…nothing. You’ve just given free advice.

Don’t Hide: How To Brag About Your Value-Added Without Sounding Conceited

To sell effectively, we must articulate the reasons that clients hire us. Have talking points at your fingertips. Ask yourself, “What is my value-added?”