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How To Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated Every Day - Lioness Magazine

How To Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated Every Day

March 2 is Employee Appreciation Day. As you embark upon establishing your startup’s workplace culture, the atmosphere you create should include strategies for boosting morale and making your employees feel appreciated.

A Day In The Life: Fashion Publicist And New York Fashion Week Guru - Lioness Magazine

A Day In The Life: Fashion Publicist And New York Fashion Week Guru

What does a day look like in the life of a fashion publicist? Lori Riviere, owner of The Riviere Agency, takes us behind the glitz and glamour to reveal a demanding gig. 

What Your Meetings Say About Your Company’s Culture

By Jessica Higgins We know that meetings can be annoying, sure. But, meetings are one of the most important things that happen in your business when it comes to company culture.

Why A Loyalist Team Is The Best Kind Of Team To Build At Your Startup

To defy the odds of unself-awareness, work to create a Loyalist Team around you, people who trust you, support you and challenge you to be your best. The Trispective Group teaches us what to consider.

9 Ways To Improve Your Multitasking Skills

By learning when and how to multitask amid all the barriers and distractions, you are making sure that you increase the productivity and boost the business’ performance. Here is what you can do to improve your multitasking skills:

8 Techniques For Improving Communication Around The Workplace - Lioness Magazine

8 Techniques For Improving Communication Around The Workplace

Your levels of communication directly define your success and your happiness. We’re giving you eight communication techniques as well as providing you with a list of communication tools.

How Time Management Can Grow Your Business

Bryan Hunter, head of digital marketing at Instant Offices, gives examples from top CEOs on how they use time management to grow their business. Click for 10 how-tos so you can spend your week in a way that lends itself to the growth of your empire.

5 Ways To Be A Workplace Ally For Other Women

Women helping women. Unfortunately, in many offices, it’s just not happening. Here’s how you can be a better workplace ally to another woman.

Procrastination: Wrestling The Demon

Who has not allowed a deadline to slip through your fingers because you could not pull yourself together and do what needed to be done? Some things you loathe doing. Sometimes, you can’t get started on a project because you don’t know how or where to start and you fear that you’re unable to do it. Other times, you really do have many important items on your plate, you are feeling overwhelmed and you resent being expected to do more. You could become tangled in a web of procrastination.

How To Set The Tone Of Your Company From The Top

There are many articles that talk about building a culture of innovation or collaboration in workplaces. They talk about characteristics of making a company a great place to work. But there are a few critical elements that make the place fit for work. These are the 3 C’s, the basic ingredients of establishing each organization’s tone at the top.