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Lioness is a paid news site. Full access to articles is only available to paid subscribers. Lioness also reserves the right to edit, revise, abridge, expand or re-title any article. This includes:

  • Line edits for grammar, spelling and syntax, as well as formatting
  • Updates to headlines and subheadings
  • Revisions for length, appropriateness, clarity and style

By submission of the article to us, the writer represents and warrants that they are the sole author of the article, that the article is original and that the writer owns all rights to it free of any prior assignment. Article submission also does not guarantee publication.

Lioness is proud to have a team of talented journalists sharing the stories of female entrepreneurs. We take the privilege of telling their stories seriously. Each week, we dive into their world to give them the news that matters. In addition to our team, we are always looking for talented writers and entrepreneurs to contribute to Lioness. Writing for Lioness provides a platform for you to establish credibility, brand yourself as an expert and bring attention to your work.

Before submitting your work, please review our guidelines:

What we’re looking for:

  • We’re Lioness, the publication for the female entrepreneur. Keep submissions focused on business and entrepreneurship, and stay practical rather than fluffy. Always ask yourself: “how does this article help women entrepreneurs?”
  • If your article is speaking about a personal experience (such as an “in my own words” piece), try to highlight useful advice, takeaways or insights.
  • Avoid excessive pitching or self-promotion. All articles will include a short biography.
  • Our writing style is accessible, rather than formal or academic.


  • Articles should be between 500-1000 words, unless preapproved by an editor.
  • Provide a headshot or other professional photo.
  • Provide a paragraph (up to four sentences) for a mini bio. (If there are more than four sentences, we will publish the first four.)
  • We’re not a place for link farming. A relevant link or two are okay, but your primary link will be in the biography.
  • All article sources must be attributed (with hyperlinks) and trustworthy. No affiliate links are allowed.
  • We’re looking for your original work.
  • Fact-check your piece and run it through spellcheck before submission. We recommend tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid or SCRIBENS.

Types of submissions:

We accept three types of content: original how-to articles, op-eds and—from time to time—syndicated columns.

Original articles

We’re always looking for original, edgy and informative articles. If you’re looking for an opportunity to connect with female entrepreneurs, then look no further! Share your knowledge with our readers.

Topics can address a range of startup issues (marketing, venture capital, tech and more). We love how-to pieces that assist our entrepreneurs in solving a current problem or teach them how to do something more efficiently (i.e. How to get 10,000 new Twitter followers, How to create a killer digital marketing plan).

Our audience is exclusively female entrepreneurs, and we highlight companies with women at the helm. Please think about our editorial mission before you push the send button.


We want to know what you think. We’re always interested in your provocative and educational opinion pieces. Send us your op-eds.


In addition to original content, we also are the home for the Innovative Women thought leaders. Many of them submit articles to Lioness.

If you have already written meaningful content for female entrepreneurs on your own site and want to make it available to Lioness readers, we’re open to syndicating it on our platform. Submit your reprint to our team, and if it’s a good fit, we will get back to you in a timely manner.

How to submit

If you’ve reviewed our guidelines and are ready to submit your work, complete our contributor submission form located here.

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