Public Relations

How Startups Can Get PR With A Minimal Budget

By Cristy Brusoe Tips for founders who are searching for a way to increase their brand exposure and get publicity for their product/service via PR with a minimal budget.

How To Control Your Online Reputation

By Kim L. Clark One’s online reputation is the ultimate flypaper. Take steps to ensure that what sticks to your name is all good by managing your online reputation.

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect PR Firm For You

Everyone says they do public relations, but going about finding the perfect PR firm takes a little know-how. Here’s what to consider when selecting a team.

Do This If You Can’t Afford A Publicist

When you can’t afford a publicist, you start to feel like your PR is suffering – and it probably is. Here’s how to make the best of it on your own.

3 PR Tips To TakeFrom The Golden State Warriors

PR tips to take from an NBA team? Yes, we know it sounds nuts, but the Golden State Warriors are delivering on every level and you’d be smart to follow.

Make Your Business Sound Unique (Even When It’s Not)

How to you make your business sound unique and exciting when lots of businesses offer the same exact thing.

How To Be A Reporter’s Favorite News Source

Stephanie helps experts become a reporter’s favorite news source. Take a look at what you should do if you want to be called on for your expertise.

How To Merge Two Strong Brands Into One

Creating acquisitions and mergers is what makes a true entrepreneur thrive. Something innovative brings endless opportunities. Here’s how to merge.

Create A Buzz For Your Business By Supporting Charity

Corporate charitable contributions can demonstrate to be favorable in ways which could surprise you – both in terms of motivation within the company, and economically. Consequently, more businesses have begun to see the advantages of creating an affiliation with local and national charities.

Four Media Interview Tips for Women

Being a media spokesperson is never an easy task. Among the many roles that you didn’t sign up for when you started your own business, it can be one the toughest. As female entrepreneurs, the qualities that serve us well in other areas of our business and our lives can be used against us in a tough media interview.