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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – The Media Insider Podcast

Ready to unravel the mysteries surrounding public relations? Hosted by Helen Croydon, PR expert and former journalist, “The Media Insider Podcast” dives into the industry through conversations with journalists and producers. If you want to pitch yourself or your business, you’ll need to know these techniques and secrets. Interested in breaking into PR yourself? The best way to learn is to listen to those who came before you. Regardless of your business or industry, understanding the power of successful storytelling is vital.

What is the podcast about?

It features interviews with journalists, editors and producers about how their publication or program is put together and how to pitch to them. Every month, host Helen Croydon (a former journalist) asks a different editor what they look for in stories, the different formats for their publication for their stories and pitching no-nos.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

It’s aimed at people who want to get into the media or PRs who pitch to the media. Editors and journalists receive hundreds of pitches per day (one former guest said she received a pitch a minute!). So most pitches end in the trash can. This show explains how the editorial planning process works so that you have more context for pitching to journalists or editors. Make your pitch get noticed!

Featured episode – Orianna Rosa Royle, Senior Reporter at Management Today

Senior reporter at Management Today Orianna Rosa Royle discusses what makes a story for the 80k-users-a-month publication. CEO interviews are the most common format, but what makes the cut? For a journalist who gets ‘an email pitch a minute,’ Orianna knows instantly what has PR potential—she gives us her inside tips.

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Helen Croydon is the founder of Thought Leadership PR, a former journalist and a three-time author. After a 15-year career in the media which included working as a producer at ITN, writing for every major UK newspaper from The Times to Metro and commentating on TV and radio shows such as Sky News and Woman’s Hour, she switched her attention to helping others get into the media. First, she started with consultancy work, advising PRs or business figures on how to pitch to the media. Then slowly she built that expertise into a business, and Thought Leadership PR was born.

She now leads a team of six and is growing her business quickly. She and her expert team help founders, senior executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, academics, authors and other subject matter experts define, build and amplify their personal brand to become thought leaders. Croydon started The Media Insider Podcast to shed light on what makes a story. Outside of work, she is a triathlete and loves endurance sports.

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