When Is A Compliment Insincere?

By P. Kim Bui What makes a compliment insincere in the workplace? Instead of just offering them for the sake of it, putting some thought into your words could have a positive impact on workplace morale. Here’s how to properly compliment an employee.

The Middles: Goal-setting When Everything Changes

By P. Kim Bui It’s a new year, so get a new mantra. Kim walks managers through three ways to get through goal-setting when everything around you is changing.

The Middles: What 2017 Has Taught Me

By P. Kim Bui It’s about that time of year where we start looking backward and forward at the same time. Here are a few things 2017 has taught me.

The Middles: How To Disagree

Disagreeing isn’t always as easy as it seems it should be, particularly in the workplace. Kim shares her insight on how it the art of it correlates with listening.

Are You Treating Your Independent Contractor Like An Employee? Here's How To Know. - Lioness Magazine

Why Treating Your Independent Contractor Like An Employee Can Get You In Hot Water With The IRS

Many business owners attempt to minimize the impact of these changes by recruiting independent contractors rather than employees. However, improper classification of workers may result in significant costs.

Do You Know The Meaning Of Failure?

By P. Kim Bui Letting go and failure aren’t the same thing. Let’s look at how it’s interpreted differently depending on where you are in the grieving process.

The Middles: How To Adult Like An Adult

Learning to adult will make your life as a manager much easier. We all want to have fun and be liked, but there comes a point when we must adult like nobody’s business.

The Middles: What Your Job Description Says About Your Company

A job description is the first transaction between you and the person you intend on hiring. It says a lot about your company. What are you saying?

The Middles: Managing When Things At Your Company Are Bad

Covering problems up, whether your company’s or the world’s, isn’t smart. Address them. But don’t push. P. Kim Bui talks managing when things are tough.

5 Things Most CEOs Could Do Better

CEOs who ask for their feedback on their management style and their effectiveness are more likely to have confident team members and an improved bottom line.