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Strategies To Root Out Fear

By Priscilla Archangel Many workplaces have an undercurrent of fear pulsing amongst employees. To root out fear, you have to start at the top. Today, let’s take a look at what you can do to eradicate it.

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How To Deal With Life Interrupting Work

By Priscilla Archangel Amid deadlines, politics, production planning and performance, the personal aspect of life becomes a priority we can’t ignore. Today we take a look at how to deal with life interrupting work.

Does Faith Have A Place At Work?

By Priscilla Archangel How does faith play into the workplace? Some of today’s most successful CEOs believe that tapping into their faith is invaluable. We take a look at how some leaders exercise faith in the workplace.

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Your Pain Point Is The Motivation For Change

By Priscilla Archangel The interesting part of such challenges is that the longer you delay, the more people in your environment become aware of the need for change. Stakeholders demand results, employees become disengaged, and teams spread negative reviews of your leadership.

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Seven Facilitation Strategies For Leaders

Focusing on your agenda does not bring teams together in the way you would hope. Today we’re learning the art of facilitation strategies with Priscilla Archangel.

Six Steps to Collaborative Problem Solving

The best problem solving includes collaboration and understanding how to assess the problem and find a solution together. Priscilla Archangel teaches us the whys and the hows.

Developing Leadership Perspective: Fact vs. Reality

During organizational problem solving, people can describe the facts based on their perspective on a situation, each being correct. But the reality of that situation is far more multifaceted. In this article, there are five things leaders seeking to understand the issue should do to get a proper perspective of the circumstances, and to develop the right strategy for the company.

How To Set The Tone Of Your Company From The Top

There are many articles that talk about building a culture of innovation or collaboration in workplaces. They talk about characteristics of making a company a great place to work. But there are a few critical elements that make the place fit for work. These are the 3 C’s, the basic ingredients of establishing each organization’s tone at the top.

5 Keys To Maximizing Your Personal Brand

Do you know what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room? Do you know what they think of your performance, your presence, your purpose and your personality? Rather than being unconcerned about what others think, it’s important to ensure that their perception of you aligns with how you want to be perceived. Because the answers to these questions are part of your personal brand.

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Decision-Making: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Good decision-making is based on the quality of information you’re able to comprehend and process to the right conclusion. Here’s how to make decisions.