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Business Morphology: Your Key Strategies for Navigating Business Change

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Navigating business change is essential for survival and growth. Business Morphology by Julie Nerney and Geoff Robins breaks down the complexity of navigating change, offering five fundamental levers for real change. With the help of a Morphology Map, readers can prioritize and create actionable plans, both for their organizations and for personal impact.

No matter what sector you are in or what challenges your organization is facing, there are five fundamental levers that you can apply to effect real change. Business Morphology explores each of those five levers through a Morphology Map – an easy-to-use visual tool to help guide your thinking and prioritization and create a plan of action to help you reach your outcomes. As a bonus, there is also a Morphology Map to help you maximize your own personal impact.

Topics include:

  1. Dealing with change
  2.  Modifying your operating model
  3.  Product and service diversification
  4.  Mergers and Acquisitions
  5.  Working with different types of people
  6.  Navigating organizational culture

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Change is the new normal, and this book will help you navigate it. The transformation buzzword has made change seem complex when it really comes down to one or more of these five levers.

Adapting to change is not a one-off activity. Organizations are constantly adapting and evolving, and you should consider each time you morph as a wave of change that creates a new foundation for the next one – like the way a volcano shapes its landscape. An eruption creates a high-impact change as the molten lava flows, but this lava then solidifies and creates a new state, until the next eruption. A volcano is never done, and as a result, the surrounding area morphs over time. This is the same principle for organizational change – albeit on a much shorter timescale. Morph, let those changes settle, look over your shoulder at how far you’ve come, celebrate that achievement and then morph again.

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Meet the author

Julie Nerney has been delivering impactful and sustainable change in organizations for over 30 years in roles that span CEO, COO, Transformation or Change Director, Board Adviser or Critical Friend.

Nerney has experienced every stage of the organizational life cycle, from start-up through to disposals and acquisitions; and every type of catalyst for change. These include taking new products to market, mergers and their associated integration activities to drive value and internal transformations centered on operating model re-design. She has also been called upon to deliver high-profile and complex programs, including a leadership role in the transport operation for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

She has worked with over a hundred organizations spanning a wide variety of industries across the private, public and third sectors, providing real breadth and depth to her change leadership expertise.

In addition to her change roles, Nerney has a varied portfolio of Chair and NED roles. She is a guest lecturer for Oxford Said Business School’s Global Leadership Development program, for the Institute of Directors on their role of a Non-Executive Director course, is a keynote speaker on several topics, and a published author of two business books, including Business Morphology.

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