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Embrace the Power of Gratitude with These Stories of Inspirational Change

Searching for more meaning from your life, work and relationships?

Did you know? Practicing gratitude isn’t just a feel-good habit; it’s backed by science and even endorsed by The American Health Association. As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you have a busy schedule – but taking time for thankfulness reduces stress and enhances your overall well-being. If you’re looking for ways to embrace gratitude and incorporate it into your daily routine, pick up a copy of “Stepping Into Gratitude: Stories of Inspirational Change and Ongoing Practices.” Throughout the book, nine leaders share their personal exercises and strategies for a grateful mindset.

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What is the book about?

When we’re looking for more prosperity, growth, happiness and success, we often don’t see what’s right in front of us. The authors in this book will share how magnificent it is to embrace gratitude practices so that you can have all that you truly desire. Pick up “Stepping Into Gratitude” – if you work through the exercises, we know it will help you!

Spreading seeds of gratitude begins with you – it starts within each of us, first individually, then collectively. The stories in these pages are from individuals who found a spark of inspiration that led them to their own path of gratitude. Through challenges, opportunities and guidance, these authors provide a beautiful glimpse into their personal gratitude journey.

Topics include:

  • Why gratitude is important
  • How to practice Gratitude
  • First-hand, inspiring stories of Gratitude

What’s Inside:

  • Chapter 1: Living My Legacy, Michelle Slaney-Trovato
  • Chapter 2: Let’s Break Just One Rule, Laura Glotzbach
  • Chapter 3: The Best Bowl of Broth, Ever Wonder, Wendy Farrell
  • Chapter 4: For My Benefit, Greg Orth
  • Chapter 5: Coming Full Circle, Nicole DeFeo
  • Chapter 6: Cup Holder, Tara Perkins
  • Chapter 7: Wednesday’s Child, Kari Iddings Ainsworth
  • Chapter 8: Generational Gratitude, Mary Meduna-Gross
  • Chapter 9: Moments, Lisa S. Condon
  • How Our Authors Practice Gratitude

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Everyone has a gratitude journey, but some may not even realize they are on it. This book brings nine authors together to discuss their personal stories of how they found or lived into gratitude. They’ve each provided thought-provoking questions for the readers to help start the conversation of gratitude. Whether it is with your family, friends, book club, or work colleagues, talking about gratitude is powerful.

This book also provides pages on how to practice gratitude. To speak about it is one thing; to actively practice is another. Readers will find ways to integrate gratitude into their lives in the most unexpected of ways.

Single most important takeaway:

Spreading the seeds of gratitude is how we change the world one life at a time.

Meet the story curator

For decades, Lisa Condon has cultivated her leadership and inclination to help others succeed by partnering with individuals and businesses for strategic solutions and inspirational development. Condon is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner and PMP. She is also an international best-selling author and award-winning business strategist. Condon uses a combination of theory and practices from the Project Management Institute, Six Sigma, Scrum, EQi, Strength Finders and Disc to guide Business Owners and Executives on building out a sustainable strategic plan aligned with their Values.

Condon sits on the International Governing Board for Delta Phi Epsilon as International President and is a member of the National Speakers Association. She also serves as a National Legacy Leader for Polka Dot Powerhouse. Her proudest achievement is being a mommy to her fur babies and wife to her amazing husband, Nate.

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