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Tech Tools to Help Every Female Entrepreneur Manage Her Time and Her Team

Being an entrepreneur takes vision, passion and determination. Running a successful business also requires putting effective processes and systems in place. This is even more important when you’re a female entrepreneur because you will likely be juggling your business and the invisible load of caring for children, parents or home. We know the importance of using the right tech tools, so we’re bringing you a curated list to revamp your workflow. Some are tried-and-true staples, while others are new and innovative options for your communication, time management and project management.

Time management

Making the most of your time means understanding how time is spent, prioritizing high-impact tasks and tracking progress. Time management also means cutting unnecessary tasks and time wasters.

  • BigTime – apply work-in-progress management with time and expense tracking, workflow management, invoicing and billing. 
  • Freshbooks – track your team’s time and activities on projects with this invoice and accounting software.
  • Harvest – access time tracking, reports and analysis, invoicing and payments that can integrate with your favorite project management tools.`
  • Notion – use this customizable personal planner to prioritize, write and plan your day.
  • – gain control of your inbox and unsubscribe from emails instantly to remove distractions.

Team communication

Communicating with your team throughout the day about tasks, projects and progress helps you stay productive. Many teams use Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, but there are other communication tools you can adopt for real-time and asynchronous conversations.

  • Discord – a flexible communication platform for more than just the gaming community. Organized in channels with customization options, the app offers text, voice and video messaging and organizing in channels. Nitro is the premium version, adding more uploads and customizations. 
  • Mattermost – a team messaging platform that includes file sharing and integrations. 
  • Slack – a messaging app with free and premium options that allow file and media sharing, voice and video calls and group chats. 
  • Zulip – an open-source threaded messaging system that states security. Self-hosting and cloud features are available.

Project management

As an entrepreneur, you and your team always have many simultaneous projects to coordinate. Using technology to organize tasks, track progress and record processes will save you time, keep your workflow organized and help your team communicate.

  • Asana – create cards and lists to organize, assign and follow tasks through to completion. Free and paid plans.
  • Basecamp – a software built for small teams with project pages that include tracking, progress and chats. 30-day free trial.
  • Clickup – a centralized location for communication and hierarchy of spaces, folders, lists, tasks and subtasks. Includes an unlimited number of users in the free plan.
  • Monday – a platform with custom workflow, resource management, project approvals and requests. Free and paid plans.
  • Todoist – an app to organize projects with sections, subtasks, labels and priorities, including date recognition that can be synced across devices. Free and paid plans.
  • Trello – a cloud-only product with templates, integrations and automation, offering the visual appeal of cards, custom colors and lists to track projects. Includes an unlimited number of users in the free plan.
  • Wrike – an app useful in all departments to track projects, including the option to integrate other tools and customized software options in some industries. Two-week free trial.

Whether you choose a tool for its unique features, user experience or price, the decision hinges on what is most effective in helping you meet your objective. Finding what’s effective for you and your team will require testing and data. Then you can make the best choice: one that meets your needs.

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