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The Power of Value Selling: Reach Explosive Sales Success

We’re about to embark on an electrifying journey into “The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Clients for Life.” Stale pitches and one-size-fits-all are a thing of the past! Instead, this book dives into value-based conversations and connections. Written by sales trainer Julie Thomas, “The Power of Value Selling” will unlock astonishing sales opportunities for your business.

What is the book about?

Build strong connections to accelerate sales results. In “The Power of Value Selling,” sought-after trainer and sales leader Julie Thomas delivers an exciting new take on buyer-centric selling to modern buyers. In the book, you’ll learn value-based selling techniques to become a trusted business advisor who instills confidence in buying decisions despite unpredictable business environments. This actionable guide to improved business conversations enables you to focus the sales conversation on value instead of price and identify business issues that create urgency to unlock new sales opportunities.


“The Power of Value Selling” covers:

  1. Strategies for selling to the C-suite, closing more business, expanding your sales footprint, managing global accounts and generating consistent renewal sales
  2. Methods for building credibility and rapport with your buyers along with proven sales prospecting strategies to win time on their increasingly packed calendars
  3. Ways to motivate buyers to take action and improve sales forecast accuracy through a repeatable opportunity qualification framework
  4. Actions for aligning your revenue engine and enabling your customer-facing teams to improve the customer experience

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book will benefit anyone looking to improve their sales skills and achieve greater success. Whether you’re a seasoned sales leader or just starting out in the field, this book offers valuable insights and practical tips. In addition, there are lessons for anyone working in a customer-facing role in an organization – from customer service to marketing to sales enablement.

Single most important takeaway:

“Value is how people decide what to buy. It is the foundation justifying the expenditure, the essence of how people answer the question, ‘Is it worth it?’ Understanding how your customer defines value is the foundation of this book – and value isn’t merely about cost.”

Meet the author

Julie Thomas works with revenue leaders across many industries to help them realize results they never thought possible. She is passionate about guiding organizations through uncertainty and helping them build resilient, engaged teams that drive predictable, sustainable results and create customers for life. In addition to her role as President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Thomas is a noted speaker, consultant and author of “ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time” and “The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life,” as well as a contributor to Forbes.com, the Forbes Business Development Council and the LinkedIn Sales Blog. Thomas also serves on the advisory board of the eWomenNetwork Foundation Advisory Council and is heavily involved in local charities in the San Diego region.

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