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Confidence in Sales Unleashed: Empowering Your Journey in Every Deal

Were you a Girl Scout or band kid selling cookies and candy bars to everyone you could see? Did those early days spark a flame in you to find and land more leads? Or did you do it reluctantly, feeling “icky” whenever you got pushy? Discomfort with the selling process often comes down to a lack of self-confidence. When she was president of a local women’s business organization, Jean Wright saw how often women entrepreneurs undersold and backed away due to a lack of confidence in sales. Her book, “Selling Your Confidence: Forging a Successful Sales Career from Mint Cookies to Martinis,” explores her personal journey as a seasoned sales professional and offers tips to turn discomfort into self-assurance.

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What is the book about?

Author Jean Wright recognized the need to boost confidence in sales among women entrepreneurs when she was president of a local women’s business organization. Her interactions with women who felt uneasy about selling inspired her to pen her debut book, “Selling Your Confidence: Forging a Successful Sales Career from Mint Cookies to Martinis.” Her journey, from selling Girl Scout Cookies at age 11 to her adult sales career, offers valuable insights and practical sales tips for prospecting, networking and closing deals.

Jean’s journey exemplifies the pivotal role that self-confidence plays in sales, demonstrating how individual experiences can shape your trajectory. Through her book and active involvement in women’s business organizations, she aspires to make a positive impact by sharing her insights and assisting other women in thriving in sales and their businesses.

The book covers the following topics:

  1. How to present your “package” for positive impact
  2. Cold call confidence and the art of the schmooze
  3. Understanding the myths and truths of running a home-based business
  4. Getting to “yes” in a sales negotiation
  5. How to be viewed as a non-aggressive, confident salesperson

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Selling Your Confidence delves into the career journey of a woman in the business and sales worlds, exploring the hurdles she faces while harnessing her unique skills and talents as tools to bolster her self-assurance. Through vivid real-life stories, this book offers engaging narratives that both educate and captivate its audience. Women, in particular, will find inspiration in the tales of confidence building within the dynamic landscape of business.

Single most important takeaway:

We possess the inherent confidence needed to thrive in both our personal and professional lives.

Meet the author

Jean Wright is a seasoned sales professional with a four-decade career spanning corporations, nonprofits and media. With a diverse background in sales, including roles in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles with the National Captioning Institute and various industries such as personnel agencies, sports entertainment, business office services, member organizations and print/digital media, she has earned recognition for exceptional customer service and sales expertise, ascending to management-level positions. Wright now shares her expertise as a speaker for business organizations and women’s groups, encouraging individuals to leverage their authentic abilities for more confident sales. She also operates her own consulting business, assisting entrepreneurs and sales teams. Wright resides in Frederick, MD, with her husband, Tom.

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