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Community Events – How to Use LinkedIn Outreach for Sales Success [Webinar Recording]

Many experts claim that sales is nothing more than a numbers game—that you’ll need to reach out to hundreds of prospects before you make a conversion. But rather than blindly pitching and ending up in countless spam folders, consider the power of quality leads. In this Lioness Community Event, learn how to leverage LinkedIn, forge better connections and boost your sales. Nicole Krug, founder of Social Light, walks through her experience with relationship-based selling that doesn’t feel scummy or performative. You’ll see case studies, discover best practices and walk away with five steps you can take right now to get started.

Did you miss the original event? Not to worry! We have the webinar recording available above to review at your own pace. Read on for more details AND for a link to our next networking event on May 2nd!

About “How to Use LinkedIn Outreach for Sales Success”

Most people think of sales as a numbers game—which it is—but quality matters just as much as quantity. You CAN use LinkedIn to prospect for new customers, but your approach matters.

In this webinar, Nicole Krug will walk you through some dos and don’ts of how to create sales opportunities through LinkedIn. She’ll discuss best practices for tailoring your strategy and host a Q&A session to answer all your burning questions. Join this Lioness Community Event and master LinkedIn for sales!

Want a link to the full presentation and other expert advice from Nicole?

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About Nicole Krug

Nicole Krug founded Social Light in 2009 to help make the Internet a friendlier place by providing the tools and training small business owners need for success online. Through Social Light, Nicole helps clients hone their digital marketing strategies to bring more exposure to their brand while boosting the bottom line.

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