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Dancing with Disruption: The Power of Transformation

When you’re at a crossroads, it’s crucial to recognize that you can always choose to take the route of transformation. We all face disruption and back-breaking uphill climbs—but how you approach the problem can make a world of difference. Linda Rosetti, an expert in organizational and individual transformation, shared her tips for success in “Dancing with Disruption,” part of the Innovation Women Speak! Webinar Series. Rossetti has researched and collaborated with universities to pinpoint what happens during major shifts or disruptions in our lives. 

A problem we all face

We all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, confused or mentally drained. Whether you faced a sudden layoff or found yourself taking care of a sick family member, our lives shift in ways we never could have envisioned.

During “Dancing with Disruption,” Rossetti helped webinar attendees address those periods of unknown turmoil. First off, it’s essential to ask, “What happened?” In the moment, it’s not always clear that a sudden event made your entire sense of stability shift.

“Disruption is a universal experience, but also it is misunderstood,” Rossetti said.

The most important disruptions that Rossetti discussed were those that influence what we think about who we are. We have set expectations of ourselves, but in a period of disruption, we’re allowed to revisit these expectations and reexamine them. We need to learn how to replace our initial plans with new goals better suited to our current position. 

The HAIL method

Unprecedented times are opportunities for transformation. We can manage this using Rossetti’s HAIL method: honor, ask, influence and learn. Throughout the webinar and her book, “Dancing with Disruption,” Rossetti walks people through how to use this tool, either in the moment or in hindsight. 

Rossetti uses personal experiences and shared stories to examine the importance of honoring our emotions, recognizing how our feelings influence our livelihood and the benefits of being mindful of your current or past situation. 

If you missed the live webinar, you can stream a recording of Linda Rossetti’s conversation with Bobbie Carlton here.

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About Linda Rossetti

Linda Rossetti is an expert in organizational and individual transformation. She is the author of “Women and Transition” and “Dancing with Disruption: A New Approach to Navigating Life’s Biggest Changes,” as well as the host of the podcast “Destination Unknown.”

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Autumn Delorey is a recent graduate of UMass Amherst with a degree in journalism and public relations. She is currently interning at Carlton PR & Marketing and is excited to expand her knowledge on female entrepreneurship and share her insights with the Lioness contributor team.

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