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How To Get On An Exercise Routine With Your Busy Schedule

How do you get on an exercise routine when you have a schedule that is constantly changing? Kara tackles this question for a reader.

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Hi Kara. How do you get on an exercise routine when you have a schedule that is constantly changing? –Theresa P


Hiya Theresa.

Great question. It’s with 100% certainty I can say you’re not alone. I hear this all the time from my clients, friends and family members.

The word routine sticks out to me. As I’m wont to do, I consulted my favorite homeboys – Merriam & Webster. Here’s what they said about the word routine: “a boring state or situation in which things are always done the same way.”

Before we even talk about the added challenge of your schedule, let’s throw this conversation in reverse. Does your choice in exercise feel like a boring state or situation that you always do the same way? Internally, are you shoulding all over yourself about working out? It might not be a willpower thing. Hell, it’s probably not even a schedule thing. It might be your body trying to tell you: This sucks.

Because I think YOU have the answer to this question inside of you, here are four questions to consider:

  1. Why do you want to work out anyways? (List at least 3 reasons.)
  2. Feeling energized or feeling restoratively recharged – what do you need more right now?
  3. What’s realistic based on your schedule, your current energy level or even the season?
  4. What are new exercise options that sound fun to you? (Hint: Think movement as much as exercise.)

Seriously, set a timer for 4 minutes. Do not pass go; do not collect $200. Answer these questions (preferably on paper or out loud). Life is way too short to spend your time doing things that suck or feeling guilty for not doing things that suck.

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