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Getting Out Of Debt Joyfully

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA - Simone Milasas believes we are taught to have unnecessary money problems. She says we can get out of debt and do it with joy.

QUEENSLAND, Australia – Most of us have created debt and struggled with money at some point – whether it is finding ways to make money, spending too much money or never having enough.

Simone Milasas, creative business coach, international business owner and author of the new book, “Getting Out of Debt Joyfully,” believes the points of view we are taught to have around money, the lack of a joyful relationship with money, as well as a deficit of pragmatic tools to easily change finances from any starting-point, keep us in unnecessary debt and money problems.

Milasas, who always created money and business no matter where she was in the world, was $187,000 in personal debt and avoiding awareness of her finances, until she attended a money class run by the founder of Access Consciousness, a global company for whom she is now Worldwide-Coordinator.

Milasas got out of debt within two years, but went almost immediately back into debt. She realized she had become comfortable with debt and would have to change the energy with which she viewed money if she wished to permanently change her financial world.

“You might expect me to say that it felt wonderful to be free of debt, but that wasn’t so for me. I felt strange not having debt. I was more comfortable being in debt than out of it,” Milasas said. “My point of view is no one needs to have a money problem. No matter your situation, you can change it.”

“Getting Out of Debt Joyfully” is a pragmatic and empowering guide of the tools Simone used to not only get out of debt but also be financially free and thriving. The book highlights the limiting mindsets we have around money and invites you to create whatever it is you desire to have.

“I didn’t want this to be just another book about money that seems difficult to apply. I would like everyone who reads this book to be empowered to change his or her debt and finances right now, and to actually create a financial future that keeps growing – in a way that works for you,” Milasas said.

Most of all, Milasas stresses that money follows joy, not the other way around. “People think if you make the money first, the joy will follow. The opposite is true. Money comes more easily when you have joy first.”

For more information and to grab you copy of “Getting out of Debt Joyfully,” visit

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