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How To Tone Your Body While At The Office

By following these exercises at work you can get in shape in less time. Below are four moves that can take you a long way in getting a shapely upper body.

Don’t have time to leave the office and hit the gym? We all know that weight training has never been easy and is certainly important for toning the body. By following these exercises at work  you can get in shape in less time. Below are four moves that can help you get a shapely upper body even if your workload is astonishing.


Get in a stance, feet shoulder width apart. Don’t lock your knees and keep your tummy in a tight position. Bend at the waist and make sure your back is flat, grab a 6-8 pound dumbbell. Arms hanging down, palms should be facing your legs, as you bring the dumbbells towards your chest, squeezing the shoulder blades together. You need to exhale and inhale as you lower the weight.


Lay down with a 10-pound dumbbell in each hand. You should have your head and shoulders on the ball, keep your tummy tight and hips up so that they are even with your knees. Lift the weights down with your arms out to your sides and your elbows should bent at around 90 degrees. As you press toward the dumbbells towards the ceiling over your chest, breathe out and as you lower the weight try to breath in and do that repeatedly for 10-12 reps.


Find a low stationary object and attach a resistance band to it. Grab the handle with your right hand, take a reverse lunge back with your right leg bending at 90 degrees and bring your right elbow towards your body. Squeeze your right shoulder blade towards your left shoulder; try to straighten your arms as you stand up straight. Do that repeatedly, after 10-15 reps switch to the other side and repeat.


Sit upright on your chair, feet flat on the floor and tummy in a tight position. Hold a couple of 3-5 pound dumbbells under your chin. I want you to punch out at an angle across your body. Do that repeatedly for about 100 punches each arm and you’ll see immense change in few weeks.

You can try experimenting with using certain muscles by moving your weight slightly back or forward. If you try rolling the ball forward one inch or so, you’ll feel the pressure of balancing go onto your quads, or thigh muscles. If you bounce gently in this position for a couple of minutes you’ll get be engaging those muscles. If you bounce by moving your heels up and down, you will be exercising your calf muscles and also the muscles around your ankles and also under the soles of your feet.

You’ve got to keep your energy flowing by lengthening your muscles while they’re still warm, sit up nice and straight on your office chair. Try sucking your stomach in for stability, depending on how strong your abs are, you can rest your hands on your desk or hold onto the sides of your chair.

One at a time, raise each leg straight out in front of you under your desk, alternately flexing and pointing your feet while you inhale for eight seconds and exhale for eight seconds as well. Before lowering your leg, turn in and then out from the hip twice each. Repeat that for your arms by raising each one out to the side, flexing your wrist and turning forward and back at the shoulder. Then roll your shoulders, alternating forward and backward, to release any tension in your neck.

Staying fit while dealing with a tough office routine is an enormous task, not everyone can deal with it. But there are women who tend to focus on their fitness as well as their corporate affairs at the same time, and their motive is to stay fit even if they can’t get spare time to hit the gym after finishing at the office. Staying fit and healthy is important and that’s what we all aim for while succeeding in our corporate lives, too.

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