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Elyse Dickerson Blue Dress 1019 e1586285716674
COVID-19 Special Edition

4 Tips For CEO Moms Juggling Managing Companies And Children At Home

Elyse Dickerson, founder and CEO of Eosera, Inc, a majority woman-owned biotech slides to by Lioness to talk being a mother and CEO in the midst of COVID-19.

The current work/school from home situation to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus is challenging for all parents.

As a business owner, Dickerson is sharing managing employees at her DFW-based health care company and working from home and guiding her children during this time. Here are four of her tips:

  1. Being outside every day is essential. Exercise and sunshine can help relieve the stress from being cooped up inside all day.
  2. “It’s important that they see their friends faces,” Dickerson says. “That virtual social interaction is healthy and needed during this time.
  3. She mentions that a schedule is vital. It hangs on their refrigerator on weekdays when school and work are a priority. One thing on Dickerson’s schedule for her children is time to allow them to be kids — to play outside (while being distant from others) and Facetime their friends.
  4. She adds that one benefit of being quarantined is the quality time spent as a family. Before COVID-19, family dinners were rare due to sporting events, homework, traveling, etc.; but now, she and her family often sit together as a family for dinner every night. They play more board games together, and Dickerson mentions that if there are two parents in the household, tag-teaming the kids is helpful. Considering this time together bonding time and relishing in the simple things help the unfortunate situation.

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