Theresa Roemer
Theresa Roemer

Successful Female Entrepreneurs: My Failure Turned Out To Be A Blessing In Disguise.

No startup story is devoid of failures. We chatted with a few successful female entrepreneurs to discover their wins that came at the end of the tunnel.

It’s crushing when things don’t go our way, but life has a way of teaching us valuable lessons through our failures. Don’t give up when one door closes. You may miss the new one right in front of you.

Lioness tracked down some successful female entrepreneurs and asked them all one important question: What was one failure that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?


Amy DeLardi, Creative Director & Owner

Company: Infinite Web Designs

What they do: Infinite Web Designs creates eye-catching graphic designs, hard-working advertising, high impact digital media, effective corporate identities, and attention grabbing websites that mean business.

Location: Fairfield, CT

My blessings in disguise: “I’ve owned a web design and marketing business since 2001. I’ve had some failures. I once was eager to work with a client whom I worked in good faith for 3 months with a promissory of payment.  Said client assured me of payment. I never got paid. This was a tough and expensive lesson. The blessing from this experience was it forced me to set up tighter policies and controls.  I’ve instituted a retainer policy to help secure payment prior to working on a project. Most importantly, I realized my business needs are equally as important as my clients.”

Theresa Roemer

Theresa Roemer, CEO

Company: Theresa Roemer LLC

What they do: Oversees the development of several lifestyle brands.

Location: The Woodlands, Texas

My blessing in disguise: “My largest business failure came when I lost my business partner and best friend when she suddenly and without warning left the partnership and took more than half of our business inventory with her.  It took me a long time to not only rebuild my self-confidence and business acumen, but to rebrand my business ventures based on just me.  This turned out to be the biggest blessing and one of the largest successes of my life. Had this previous business partner not run off in the night like a burglar, I would not have the national media attention I have today, including a national radio show, fitness and fashion line, and platform that has been created on my own talents and skills. Embrace your failures because these lead to your biggest wins!”



Cenaca Cyprian, Co-Founder

Company:  Instant Christ

What they do: The first-ever Christian and faith-based social media platform.

Location: Houston, Texas

My blessings in disguise: “Often times our biggest failures end up being a blessing in disguise. One year into my marriage, I decided to compete for a fitness competition to build my brand in the fitness world. I had rearranged my entire lifestyle around preparing for this competition. About two months into training, I severely injured my muscles and developed rhabdomyolysis, a condition that can cause kidney failure or even death if not treated in time. In the moment of my diagnosis, it seemed like the worst possible thing that could have ever happened. Looking back, I think that getting hurt may very well have saved my life and I found my true purpose with Instant Christ. Most importantly I realized that I was putting my health and fitness before God and my husband. Even though I failed at the fitness competition, it was truly a blessing in disguise because it restored my relationship with God and my husband. Through the journey I found my true purpose which is to unite the body of Christ through our Social media platform.”


Sally Poblete, CEO

Company: Wellthie

What they do: A digital health company that makes it simple for consumers to navigate their health insurance options.

Location: New York, NY

My blessings in disguise: “I was in the process of closing a deal with an investor.  Earlier in the process, I was getting mixed signals but I decided to continue with the deal.  At the last minute, the deal did not close and I was very disappointed about spending a lot of time and energy on the process.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we likely would not have had a fruitful relationship.  Instead, we found other investors whose goals, expectations, expertise and style were in synch with ours.”

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