Show Her The Money Cast Photo
Show Her The Money Cast Photo
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“Show Her The Money,” a Documentary About Funding Women Entrepreneurs, Launches 50-City Global Tour

Following its award-winning film festival run, producer Catherine Gray announced that the documentary “Show Her The Money” kickstarted a 50-city global tour. In order to support the documentary’s message, the tour hopes to highlight the plight of women entrepreneurs who aren’t getting their share of venture capital.

Chiefly, the documentary features prominent female investors who invest in diverse women entrepreneurs with innovations that could change the world. “Show Her The Money” is a new feature-length documentary, with Ky Dickens as director and Liz Kaar as editor. The documentary reminds us that money is power, and women need it to achieve true equality. Another contributor, Emmy Award-winning actress and author Sharon Gless, is no stranger to breaking glass ceilings for women in the entertainment industry. Gless lends her star power as a cast member and as an executive producer.

“In my day, I was taught it was bad taste to discuss money,” said Gless. “The stories told by the pioneering women featured throughout “Show Her The Money” demonstrate how far we’ve come. We still have a long way to go and I’m up for the ride!”

Producer Catherine Gray expresses her dedication to empowering women in the entrepreneurial space, stating, “Our mission is to equip women with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the venture capital landscape. Through an immersive 50-city grassroots global tour, we are committed to raising awareness and fostering change in the way women are funded in the entrepreneurial sphere.”

Insights from “Show Her The Money” post-screening discussions

Sponsored by Wells Fargo, the tour features stops in more than 50 cities across the U.S., Canada, Europe and New Zealand with many locations hosting post-screening discussions to address the issues covered in the film.

“Increasing access to capital for women, and all diverse segments, is extremely important to Wells Fargo and to me personally,” said Ruth Jacks. Jacks is the head of Wells Fargo’s Commercial Banking Diverse Segments business. “This film is a great opportunity to educate and inspire women. We look forward to sharing the film with businesswomen nationwide through this grassroots global tour.”

“Women have been barred from the highest levels of power because they have been shut out of the financial world,” said Dickens. “I hope ‘Show Her The Money’ pulls back the curtain on a world that has felt elusive to so many women. I hope it gives them the voice to demand a seat at the table.”

Meet the documentary’s cast members

  • Dawn Lafreeda, the largest single-owner franchisee within the Denny’s restaurant chain. Lafreeda is also one of the most successful female restaurant franchise owners in the United States.
  • Pocket Sun, who defeated the Silicon Valley stereotype that a female-led VC fund was impossible. Sun felt so disheartened by the gross underfunding of women, she co-founded her own female-led VC fund, SoGal Ventures.
  • Wendy Ryan, an investor using her generational wealth to empower women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.
  • Vicky Pasche, who aspires to change the world of fashion with Dapper Boi, a gender-neutral, body-inclusive apparel line.
  • Diipa Büller-Khosla, founder of indē wild, who is empowering South Asian women to celebrate their brown skin in a country that historically markets skin-lightening products.
  • Marian Leitner’s company, Archer Roose Wine, sells luxury wines in cans, reinventing the image of wine drinkers while lowering the carbon footprint of the wine industry.
  • Jasmine Jones, inspired by her grandmother’s battle with breast cancer, founded Myya, the only online direct-to-consumer, insurance-billable, post-mastectomy intimates brand.

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