Being at the top of your game also means being healthy

Hey Kara, Where do I start getting healthier without having to do a whole lifestyle makeover? Sincerely, Debbie Daunted

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Hey Kara,

Where do I start getting healthier without having to do a whole lifestyle makeover? Sincerely, Debbie Daunted


Great question, Debbie Daunted. I like your one-healthy-habit-at-a-time style because it’s so much more sustainable and effective long-term. Without knowing much about your unique health goals, two of the most under-rated, yet systemically awesome options to start integrating are:

  1. Drink enough water. Take your weight in pounds and divide by 2. That’s approximately how many ounces of clean, preferably filtered water to work towards drinking in a day. If you’re exercising or live in a warmer/drier climate, adjust up as necessary. Water is essential for digestion and detoxification, you know the processes of getting the good shit in and the bad shit out. If either process is busted, or performing sub-optimally, you’re going to feel it.
  2. Get enough sleep. Seven to nine hours of sleep each night according to the National Sleep Foundation (and a boatload of other wicked smart researchers). Even just two sleep-starved nights can affect how well you think and focus, how much you eat (or, let’s be real, overeat), what kind of crap food you crave and how likely you are to make a mistake or have an accident.

What’s the best option, Daunted? The one that feels easier for you. Start with where you are right now and see where you can increase a few ounces or a few minutes each day, so it’s not a painfully crushing change that you’ll ditch in a week.

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Kara Martin Snyder, CHHC is the Owner & Chief Strategist over at vital corps, a health and wellness studio located at the intersection of strategic action and self-care. Kara's not your run of the mill, woo-woo wellness coach, though. Sure, she's got the classroom and professional creds that many health coaches have but she's also got an arsenal of bad-assery stemming from her boardroom, kitchen, and street savvy. Serving whipsmart, Type A, professional women since 2009, Kara deconstructs the broken processes in her clients' lives and together they co-create actionable, manageable steps to creating healthier lives spiked with passion and slathered with joy. Forget frazzled and famished, it's time to get focused and downright fierce... without starvation, deprivation, or tribulation. Visit her little slice of digital Shangri-La at and get on the list to receive exclusive action-stoking and thought-evoking goodness in your inbox.

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