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Empowering Reads: Top Books for Female Entrepreneurs

October is National Book Month, so there’s no better time to crack open a new read. We’ve handpicked a selection of exceptional reads from our archives to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and leave you with tons of valuable insights. If you’re looking for guidance, we’ve got you covered with some of the best books for female entrepreneurs!

Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South

“Turnaround” by Lisa Gable is your compass to chart a new course when things go awry. With over three decades of experience, Gable offers a practical roadmap to shape the future, dissect the present and lead with confidence. Her battle-tested methods are your key to thriving, not surviving. Discover how to lead a successful turnaround with grace in this essential read.

The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t

Tackle DEI conversations head-on with “The Conscious Communicator” by Kim Clark and Janet Stovall. This book introduces the DEPTH model, a powerful framework to help organizations communicate DEI and social justice authentically. Aimed at business leaders, communications professionals and DEI advocates, it equips you with the tools to drive genuine change and inclusivity.

No Permission Needed: Unlock Your Leadership Potential and Eliminate Self-Doubt

Open a swift path to self-confidence. “No Permission Needed” by Tissa Richards brings real-world insights and actionable advice to empower women of all industries to take control of their careers. Ditch the elevator pitch, internalize your value and replace self-doubt with confidence in under two hours of impactful reading. Say goodbye to fear and hello to a brighter future with this empowering book.

Made to Sell: Creating Websites that Convert

“Made to Sell” by Ari and Peter Krzyzek will turn your website into a revenue-generating powerhouse. Whether you’re a beginner or run a complex online store, you’ll take away insights on website roadmaps, brand building, user experience, design, analytics and traffic generation. It’s a must-read for entrepreneurs looking to amplify their online presence and drive conversions. Don’t waste marketing dollars on ineffective websites—learn how to make your website work from the experts.

Social Media Pie: How to Enjoy a Bigger Slice of LinkedIn

Brenda Meller has a “Social Media Pie” for your LinkedIn success! Designed for business professionals looking to maximize their LinkedIn presence, this book is your guide to standing out in professional networking. Meller shares insider tips on profile optimization, creating engaging invitations, boosting network engagement and more. With practical advice delivered in a conversational style, her book ensures you can have fun while learning and enhancing your LinkedIn game. If you’re ready to make the most of your time on LinkedIn, this is your slice of brilliance!

Marketing Metrics: Leverage Analytics and Data to Optimize Marketing Strategies

Christina Inge’s “Marketing Metrics” will make data work for you. Overcome overwhelm and discover how to create a flexible, customer-centric marketing strategy. With real-world examples from top brands like Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz, this book shows you how to leverage data for ROI, brand strengthening and data-driven product strategies. Plus, it addresses data privacy laws and teaches you to communicate key insights effectively. Unlock the power of data in marketing with this clear, jargon-free guide from a seasoned expert.

The Conscious Workplace: Fortify Your Culture to Thrive in Any Crisis

It’s time to unlock your business’s superpowers: purpose, people and values. In “The Conscious Workplace,” Shaara Roman shares 25 years of wisdom to help leaders build resilient cultures. Learn from real-world examples like Chobani and Leesa, and discover how purpose-driven, people-centric cultures boost profits and ESG commitments. Strengthen your business for any challenge with this thought-provoking read.

HR Explained: A Practical Guide to Human Resources for Small Businesses

Let’s demystify human resources—”HR Explained” by Julie Waters is your new go-to resource. With over 20 years of industry experience, Waters helps you lay the groundwork for your small business. From establishing essential guidelines to creating efficient HR policies and strategies, this book helps you painlessly manage employees as your business grows. Learn why HR is crucial, navigate employment laws and master hiring, managing and disciplinary procedures. Whether you’re new to human resources or need a refresher, “HR Explained” has you covered.

Knock: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships That Matter

Who else loves a good step-by-step routine? The Knock Method is a five-step framework to forge mutually beneficial and authentic relationships. Rebecca Leder’s guide will supercharge your career and boost your confidence to reach out and make lasting connections. Learn the physical and emotional perks of nurturing high-quality relationships and gain insights from other successful leaders. With practical tools and inspiring interviews, “Knock” transforms networking into a force for career growth and change. Perfect for career builders, growers and changers, this book equips you with lifelong networking skills.

High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing

If you’re looking for books that resonate with female entrepreneurs, why not dive into the art of writing itself? “High-Value Writing” has your back. Erin Lebacqz’s book arms readers with the writing skills they need to make a lasting impact. Whether you’re drafting business reports or connecting with clients, Lebacqz’s insights will uplevel your writing game. You’ll learn to write with precision, clarity and emotional intelligence, building trust and rapport with your readers. This book is your ticket to making confident writing decisions, saving time and money and forging meaningful connections through your words. Unlock the potential of high-value writing in your entrepreneurial journey today!

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