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Book of the Week – High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing

A picture is worth a thousand words, but some words are more impactful than others. In “High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing,” educator and author Erin Lebacqz teaches you how to make the most out of your writing. Lebacqz will increase the value of every word you write, and you’ll gain more confidence in your daily writing life.

What’s High-Value Writing about?

High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing helps readers manage their daily writing decisions in their professional lives and in entrepreneurial work. The book begins by helping readers identify how to write to their audience. You’ll go through strategies on writing clearly and concisely and writing with emotional intelligence. In today’s world, many of our relationships are built through writing! With Lebacqz, you’ll learn how to write with both clarity and empathy to increase trust and mutual understanding with our readers.

Topics covered:

  1. Business writing vs. academic writing
  2. Writing clearly and concisely
  3. Writing with flow and order
  4. Writing for our specific readers
  5. Writing to build trust and relationships
  6. Inclusive writing

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

High-Value Writing helps professionals build writing clarity and confidence, connect with their readers and manage the stress of writing. The included strategies help you target your message, feel confident about your writing decisions and choose words that set the right tone. The book also helps with time and money saving: by writing with concision strategies, we limit the time we spend editing. Similarly, by increasing trust and mutual understanding, we save time and money by building trusting, interdependent relationships and increasing retention and collaboration.

Single most important takeaway:

“Reading and implementing the strategies in High-Value Writing will save you time, money and relationships.”

Erin headshot 01 Erin Lebacqz

Meet the author

Erin Lebacqz is a business writing teacher. She’s taught in businesses, organizations and schools for 25 years. Her book captures the many conversations she’s held in classrooms across the United States and Asia, helping professionals write to both inform and connect with their readers.

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