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Book of the Week – HR Explained: A Practical Guide to Human Resources for Small Businesses

With all the current conversation around recruiting and retaining employees, I’m sure everyone can agree that human resources is a crucial investment for any business owner. Don’t know where to start? Time to learn from someone with over 20 years of experience in the industry. “HR Explained: A Practical Guide to Human Resources for Small Businesses” by Julie Waters, Director of Operations and Human Resources at the Chapter 13 Trustee Office is the perfect resource to cover your bases or make sure you have all your systems in place.

What is your book about?

I want to help small business owners move forward on the right foot. I can assist in establishing some guidelines so that later. when you’re too busy to think about HR, it’ll already be done. Through some basic but effective HR policies and strategies, managing employees as you grow your business can be efficient and painless. I want to give you HR knowledge so that you can focus on doing what you do best! Your business can expand and develop with the knowledge that the HR stuff will be easier by having some simple systems in place.

Topics include:

  1. Why you need HR
  2. Laws and keeping out of trouble
  3. Hiring, managing and disciplining staff

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

HR Explained is for anyone with a small to mid-sized business, even if you think you have all your rules in place. There are many laws surrounding employment, so an owner should have a basic understanding of them to keep their business out of trouble. It’s for anyone new to managing other people or unsure of what you can and can’t ask your employees. It also covers the hardest part: how to legally terminate people so you hopefully don’t get sued.

J Waters Headshot Julie Waters

Meet the author

I have over 20 years of HR experience that I want to share! I have worked all over the country: for-profit, non-profit, small business and B Corp. This is specific knowledge that many people need, especially if you hire and manage employees. So I’m here to help!

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