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Book of the Week – Delight In The Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams

It’s impossible to have any reward without risk. Speaking confidence coach Linda Ugelow will teach you to love being outside of your comfort zone and be at ease with public speaking. Crack open “Delight in the Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams” to tackle the risks and reward yourself with your dreams.

What is your book about?

If you’ve ever watched others take the stage—on video, at conferences, in meetings or even at your sister’s wedding—and yearned for the confidence to do the same: you can. In this transformational guide, speaking coach Linda Ugelow delivers a holistic methodology that gets to the root of what’s stopping you from sharing your voice. Rather than fighting your fear or pushing it away, you’ll learn to face, embrace and erase it. Through powerful exercises coupled with real-life stories of conquering performance nerves (including her own), Ugelow takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Get freed from the anxieties and psychological roadblocks holding you back in your life.

Not only will you emerge from this process ready to embrace the limelight, but you’ll also actually discover how to enjoy it! Whether your audience is online, in the boardroom, in a theatre, in the classroom or in the workplace, your journey to full self-expression begins here.

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

This book is for:

  • Online entrepreneurs who recognize the advantages of speaking to attract and build their audience, but can’t get past the fear of appearing so publicly.
  • Authors who want to not only write books but also get their books into readers’ hands and engage with their fans.
  • The C-suite executive who secretly dreads presentations, made worse by their difficulty in showing vulnerability and owning up to their fears because their position comes with the expectation that they have it all together.
  • Corporate leaders and team players who want to be noticed, move up the corporate ladder and be paid what they’re worth.
  • Artists and changemakers who want to bring attention to their work or cause, and to persuade and influence others, but who feel that speaking is outside their comfort zone and area of expertise.
  • The experienced keynoter or presenter who silently suffers from nerves and anxiety each time they get in front of their audience. They have resigned themselves to their fear, assuming it comes with the territory of speaking, and do the best they can to manage it.

Topics include:

  1. Uncover and heal the root causes of your fears.
  2. Restore a sense of safety within and around you.
  3. Repattern your habits to swap out old ways of holding tension.
  4. Use your voice to express yourself in new ways that align with how you ultimately want to feel and be seen.
  5. How to transform and love the sound of your voice.
  6. Peak experiences when you speak.

Single most important takeaway:

“Fear is not the villain. It’s the messenger.”

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Meet the author

Linda Ugelow is a speaker, trainer, TikTok creator and speaking confidence coach. She has a ground-breaking approach to overcoming the fear of speaking. Formerly stricken with public speaking fear herself, she used her background in expressive therapies and performance experience of four decades to discover how to delight in the limelight. She now helps entrepreneurs and business owners to transform their experience of speaking from dread to delight whether they speak online or on stage, in the media or the meeting room. Ugelow is also hosting the TV show/podcast, Women Inspired. She is also the author of the book, “Delight In The Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams.”

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