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Book of the Week – KNOCK: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships That Matter

How many of your LinkedIn connections can you really rely on? 5? 10? Those superficial connections are meaningless unless you build and foster a genuine relationship. Rebecca Leder, bestselling author and career educator, is here to teach you The Knock Method. Learn how to build high-quality relationships, not only for your career but for your health and community. Be sure to pick up “Knock: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships That Matter” for all the best tips on Leder’s expert framework.

What’s KNOCK about?

The Knock Method is a five-step framework for intentionally and genuinely connecting with others for mutual benefit as you develop your career. Whether you’re working on getting to the next level at your current job, seeking a new career or just kicking off your journey, this book will help you build confidence to reach out and open doors. It provides a networking guide to building long-lasting relationships. These new relationships will strengthen your collective network. You’ll bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Get easy steps to follow and gain practical tools to help you take The Knock Method off the page and into your career relationships to make a collective impact and drive change.

What topics are covered?

  1. Learn how to build high-quality career relationships
  2. Discover the physical and emotional benefits of building high-quality career relationships and practicing compassion at work
  3. Read inspiring interviews from leaders who grew successful schools, non-profits and businesses by building high-quality connections
  4. Prepare to connect to create mutual value for all involved
  5. Invest upfront in relationships and business opportunities
  6. Enjoy 10 resources to guide you through mentoring conversations, informational coffee chats and interviews

Why should people read it? Who is the book for? 

This is THE book if your intention is to build meaningful career relationships that help you impact a greater cause. Through the five steps of The Knock Method, you’ll learn to generate relationships with anyone, and boost your impact and career. Whether you’re looking to grow your current career or pivot, Knock has the tools to help you succeed! Anyone new to networking, or anyone who wants to up their networking game, will benefit from this book. The skills you master from Knock will stay with you for a lifetime.

Single most important takeaway:

“Career builders, career growers and career changers: with KNOCK, you have everything you need to intentionally build high-quality, positive, mutually beneficial career relationships—to open doors and keep them open as you develop your career.”

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Meet the author

Rebecca Otis Leder is a career educator, marketer, instructional designer, strategic advisor, facilitator and bestselling author. Leder wrote KNOCK, which has been featured by FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, PBS and NPR. Over 850 students and professionals are trained in her research-backed curriculum, The Knock Method. This is in partnership with Aon, Amazon, Salesforce, Denver Scholarship Foundation, the University of Texas at Austin AMA Chapter and Silicon Valley Jewish High Tech Community. She is currently pursuing her graduate certificate in Learning Design & Technology from The Harvard Extension School. During her six years at Salesforce, Leder led the In-App Learning team within Customer Success. Leder was partnering cross-functionally with over 100 product and CCX team members, which built new customer adoption products helping over 15K customers learn new Salesforce skills to succeed at work.

Leder was a Senior Marketing Consultant for global customers including Discover Financial, Hulu, and NBC. There, she averaged an email volume of 1 Billion. Before, at age 26, Leder founded a marketing consultancy for small businesses, non-profits and startups. Her marketing consultancy helped over 25 organizations attract, retain, and engage clients with innovative digital marketing strategies. Leder has advised over 50 businesses and leaders to develop and execute on their strategic visions and achieve heightened levels of collaboration among internal teams, and with clients and partners. The Intermountain Jewish News and the Austin Business Journal Women of Influence awards named Leder to their 40 Under 40.

More information on The Knock Method can be found here!

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