Lean The F*ck Out: Episode 52 — Ginger Johnson Talks Connectivity As The Fuel For Networking

In this episode, Ginger Johnson talks about stepping out of the perpetual, soul-sucking networking game and building real relationships and strengthening your connectivity.

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How To Crush Networking At Conferences

By Chi Chi Okezie Learn these tips for being a master networker at conferences. Be able to make the right connections and continue growing your networks. Here’s how to crush networking at your next conference or summit.

5 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their Credibility

Whether you are networking or building stakeholder buy-in, the backbone of credibility is storytelling. Leadership Story Lab founder Esther Choy tells us women can build a credible name for themselves through hard work and establishing their authority.

The Point 25 Initiative – NY

Point 25 matches the most promising women-led companies with amazing C-level Advisors for their Advisory Boards. The ‘Point 25’ name comes from the equity incentive of 0.25% that an advisor often receives when joining a startup’s advisory board. It is based on the belief that – while money is a large part of what determines the success of early stage companies – having the right network of helpful and influential advisors can really propel the business forward. This is also an effort to facilitate advisory board roles for prominent leaders who wish to give back to the startup ecosystem.

Invite only event. Application deadlines are May 15. Visit their website to see how you can apply. Each event (June 20, 22, 27, 29) will showcase 4 potential advisors. A member of the press will moderate an overview of their backgrounds and areas of interest. The advisors will then spend the next hour rotating around 4 tables (in 15 minute blocks) and speaking with a 3-4 pre-selected, women-led companies at each table. There will also be a reception afterwards where everyone can interact further. The events are invite-only and highly curated to maximize the quality of interaction and high-potential introductions.

3 Steps To Strengthening Your Boundaries To Build A Happier Life And Career

Having well-developed, appropriate boundaries ensures that you’re protected from behaviors and actions that are injurious, disrespectful, or invasive. People with healthy boundaries know their limits and are able to enforce them with quiet strength and authority. Here’s how to establish yours.

Why Books Are The New Business Cards

Business cards are dead. Here are five things a self-published book in your area of expertise can do for you that a business card can’t:

5 Keys To Maximizing Your Personal Brand

Do you know what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room? Do you know what they think of your performance, your presence, your purpose and your personality? Rather than being unconcerned about what others think, it’s important to ensure that their perception of you aligns with how you want to be perceived. Because the answers to these questions are part of your personal brand.

Networking Is Not Trolling For People Who Will Pay You Money

Some people are abusing the term networking and using it as a means to ask people for money. Kathy has a real talk about what networking is and isn’t.

How Women Create Successful Businesses By Helping One Another

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIF. – Women entrepreneurs are seeing the benefit of teaming up. Savvy Travelers cofounders talk about women building successful businesses.

Learning How To Network Up And Down The Food Chain Is A Handy Tool For Success

Often the people we dismiss in an organization are the glue that holds it together. Learning to network from top to bottom will further your career.