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Managing Menopause and Beyond in A Space Between

Ever feel like your body is staging a mutiny? You’ve got enough to worry about without the stresses of managing menopause. If you need a break, “A Space Between: Holistic Wellness for Menopause and Beyond” could be for you. Across six reflective chapters, this self-help narrative gently nudges you to break free from old patterns and live your life with health and purpose.

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What is your book about?

“A Space Between: Holistic Wellness for Menopause and Beyond” is a reckoning. This captivating self-help debut is both an inspiration and a guide through the transition of menopause. Whether you find yourself waking up at night soaked in sweat or have been postmenopausal for years, A Space Between has something for you. Through six reflective chapters, readers will learn to break up with their old ways, write a new story and cultivate a life of health and purpose. Marla’s journey toward physical, emotional and spiritual wellness was neither linear nor well-lit. And while she’s still on her path, she eagerly invites you to join her.

Marla tells her story as a narrative, putting you in her shoes at pivotal points of growth and insight throughout her life. A Space Between includes stories within the self-help narrative to highlight the principles and insights of managing menopause. The book includes a timeline of where and when to help you place events chronologically—or in case you get lost in the jungle and wonder if you’re in Costa Rica, Belize or El Salvador! Just don’t be surprised to find the beginning at the end because, as Marla has learned, life is beautifully cyclical and forgiving.

Topics include:

  • The journey home to yourself
  • The rise of the wiser
  • The inner self as we go through menopause
  • The gut-brain connection
  • The importance of embracing the aging process
  • Rewriting old limiting beliefs to set yourself free
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Meet the author

Marla Privitera is a holistic wellness coach, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, founder of INDIGO, returned Peace Corps volunteer and a survivor of menopause, motherhood, divorce, debilitating eczema, and secondary school teaching. Before putting down her roots in the Chicagoland area with her partner, Filomena, and their two dogs, Marla moved more than thirty times between the ages of twenty-two and fifty-three, including four international moves. Three of those four moves were made with her daughter, then-husband, two dogs, and two cats. She has subsequently earned her degree in transitions from the school of life.

Privitera is passionate about helping women live their best lives. She has started a revolution to change the collective unconscious and rewrite our limiting beliefs about what it means to be a menopausal woman.

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