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Watch Your Child Grow With Journaling: A Simple Seed

It’s important to instill your child with good morals from a young age and keep learning fun and engaging. With “A Simple Seed: of Growth, Gratitude & Giggles,” a journaling activity by Katie Wood, your child can have both. With its wide variety of lessons, you and your child can learn and grow together as one. Daily exercises not only provide learning but also bonding opportunities. A different challenge every day works the mind, and daily jokes provide laughter and enjoyment. Using this book, you can watch your child go from a simple seed to a blossoming flower!

What is the book about?

A Simple Seed is a roadmap for bringing families closer by teaching kids what matters most in life. It contains 100 life lessons, gratitude, positive self-talk and, most importantly, a way to connect with our kids and develop strong roots.

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It is a resource for both parents and kids to help them start the day strong by teaching them important character values and the benefits of practicing gratitude and positive self-talk. These lessons are quick, daily check-ins and soul-inspiring self-recipes that open the door for connecting conversations. These lessons are crucial in cultivating the best version of themselves. Both kids and parents benefit from this quick, daily practice as it has been proven that positivity, gratitude and intention help improve cognitive function.

Topics include:

  • Mindset is the key to everything in life
  • Helping kids understand that life is a journey with ups and downs—even though we can’t control what “happens to us,” we can control how we respond
  • Teaching the power of gratitude to focus on what we have and not what we don’t have
  • Paying attention to positive self-talk with our I AM statements since most of what we say to ourselves is with our subconscious
  • Tapping into the conscious part of the brain to be more proactive in life and take control of the day
  • Learning 100 life lessons from mindset to grit to to being kind to taking care of our earth to following your gut to trusting your journey to understanding life is all connected
  • Connecting more with parents/mentors on a deeper level with daily prompts
  • Practicing a daily challenge—moving what’s important to the front of our brain to attract more goodness in the world
  • A daily joke to keep laughing and see the humor in life
  • Helping kids to love themselves for who they are and understand each and every one of us has a purpose
  • Being intentional by making others smile and starting a ripple effect
  • Helps kids work on reading and writing

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

It’s a powerful book for teachers and parents because planting the seed in their lives and helping them develop strong roots is crucial for our future. Kids are more anxious than ever and a positive mindset, gratitude and positive self-talk are so critical for our younger generation to grasp.

A Simple Seed Journal was designed for kids ages 5-15. However, every day, we see more readers of all ages using this journal to become the best version of themselves.

Single most important takeaway:

The day you plant the seed is not the same day you eat the fruit.

Meet the author

Katie Wood is a thought leader, entrepreneur and author of “A Simple Seed,” a journal of growth, gratitude and giggles. In 2014, she transitioned from a 10-year career in teaching special education to fully embracing entrepreneurial life. Katie speaks frequently at training events and schools and is also developing several business ventures. “A Simple Seed” has been ranked a best-seller on Amazon, #1 in All Children’s Books, #1 in Happiness Self-Help and #5 in ALL BOOKS. The journal has been featured on The TODAY SHOW, NBC, Entrepreneur Magazine and podcasts such as “The Story Behind Her Success” with Candy O’Terry and “Entrepreneurs on Fire,” an award-winning podcast with over 100 million listens every month. Among her successes, Katie credits her most rewarding role as that of mom to her four wild and fun-loving kids and fire-wife.

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