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Make a Turnaround and Change Course When Your Business is Going South

Business turnaround means having a vision for your company’s future and being honest about the present. “Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South” by Lisa Gable is a clear-eyed look at how to move your company toward a successful future even if the present isn’t going well. Find a new direction and create the change needed to achieve your business goals.

What is your book about?

Is your once-thriving organization stuck? Are the members of your team on life support, unable to deliver on their potential? Is your initiative or campaign limping along instead of sprinting ahead? Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Lisa Gable, offers a clear-headed, straightforward method for getting you back on track.

Topics include: business turnaround

  • Visualizing the future
  • Breaking down the present
  • Creating a path to your future
  • Executing with confidence and diplomacy

Why is this a must-read? Who is the book for?

For more than 30 years, Lisa Gable has been called to turnaround failing organizations—businesses, teams, nonprofits, political campaigns and government projects—and solve seemingly intractable problems. From Silicon Valley to Washington DC, she’s seen it all. Over time, Lisa learned the key to course-correct when things go South is applying the discipline of process engineering—carefully reevaluating everything your organization does and how it does it—with diplomacy and humanity, taking care of relationships and forging strong partnerships.

At a time when dizzying innovation cycles, hyper competition and a global pandemic have made survival more challenging than ever, Gable’s time-tested and industry-proof method will give you the tools to turn your ship around and chart a course to success.

Single most important takeaway:

Change is hard. Leading change is even harder. You’ll have to be tough to get through likely bumps along the way. But the reward–leading a successful turnaround with grace and resolve–is worth it.

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Meet the author

A keynote speaker and writer on partnership, mentorship, diversity and relationship building, Lisa Gable’s mission is to support the next generation of leaders and organizations that are solving the world’s biggest problems. She is a five-time award-winning Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author and is recognized as an innovative global businesswoman who leads with discipline and diplomacy. In addition to her multiple corporate roles, including CEO, Lisa has served US Presidents and Governors, as well as a US Ambassador and UN Delegate.

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