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Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption: Using AI Solutions

How do you approach pricing and financing AI? Watch the final video of our collaboration with Fintech Women to learn more.

Building artificial intelligence is one challenge. Financing it and finding buyers? That complicates things. This is the final part of our three-part video series with Fintech Women. We’ve discussed the role of AI for wealth management or helping women succeed in business. We’ll be wrapping up “Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption” with some final thoughts from AI experts.

For the first part of this video series, “AI In Practice,” click here. You’ll learn from Katie King, the CEO of AI in Business, how AI is a useful opportunity for women in fintech.

For the second part of this video series, “Designing AI Solutions,” click here. Sindhu Joseph, Founder and CEO of CogniCor Technologies, talks about crucial factors and barriers to consider in this field.

Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption Part 3: Using AI Solutions

If you built an AI solution, will people buy it? Will they use it? Time to learn from some experts in the field. You’ll hear from Senofer Mendoza, founder and General Partner of Mendoza Ventures, and industry veteran turned investor Ken Mooney, the Director of MidMarket Management Group. They talk about the commercialization of AI solutions. In the final part of the Driving AI Adoption series, the discussion moves into the money questions. What makes AI solutions attractive for financial services? What should entrepreneurs consider when pricing AI and developing revenue models? The two investors will share experience and insights for entrepreneurs seeking funds for AI ventures.  

Watch the full interview below:

About Fintech Women:

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Fintech Women works to create a system of support for women in finance and tech. It partners with forward-thinking companies to provide resources and programming such as a virtual conference or discussions on male allies.

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