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Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption: AI In Practice

See how artificial intelligence presents countless opportunities for women in fintech.

Lioness is partnering with Fintech Women! Together, we’re bringing you a three-part video series on the role of artificial intelligence in business and how it impacts operations and finance. Throughout “Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption”, Fintech Women will share the thoughts of experts and discuss our future with artificial intelligence.

About Fintech Women

Fintech Women works to create a system of support for women in finance and tech. It partners with forward-thinking companies to provide resources and programming such as a virtual conference or discussions on male allies.

Part 1: AI in Practice

Part one of Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption includes a conversation with Katie King, the CEO of AI in Business and a member of London’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence. King is a board advisor, consultant and keynote speaker specializing in artificial intelligence. She is also the author of “Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge”.

In the video, she discusses how the practical uses of artificial intelligence seem to be continuously under scrutiny and debate. Nevertheless, it presents a useful opportunity – especially for women in the fintech world. Katie King shares her deep insights into how AI works and what it takes to deliver true business transformation. It can be an excellent tool for the pursuit of strategic and competitive advantages.

Hoping to get started? Be sure to watch the full conversation with Katie King!

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