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Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption: Designing AI Solutions

In the second part of our collaboration with Fintech Women, Sindhu Joseph explains how she brings AI to the financial sector.

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly developing field. As time passes, the technology will play a role in every industry. We’re partnering with Fintech Women to bring you a three-part video series on AI in business. Throughout “Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption”, Fintech Women will share the thoughts of experts and discuss our future with artificial intelligence.

For the first part of this video series, “AI In Practice,” click here. You’ll learn from Katie King, the CEO of AI in Business, how AI is a useful opportunity for women in fintech.

Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption Part 2: Designing AI Solutions

Sindhu Joseph presents the second conversation for Fintech Women’s video series. Joseph is the Founder and CEO of CogniCor Technologies and holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. CogniCor supports the financial sector through automation platforms built around AI.

In the video, Joseph discusses critical inputs, factors and barriers to innovation when designing AI technology for wealth management. She asks, what does AI mean to the capability of customers to accumulate wealth in the future? And how are companies leveraging these technologies to create better financial outcomes?

You can watch the full conversation with Sindhu Joseph below:

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