photo credit: PRNewsFoto/The Goddard Company

PR firm launches national 24/7 PR AdviceLine

The Goddard Company Public Relations & Marketing has launched a national 24/7 Public Relations AdviceLine. The service gives businesses immediate access to PR professionals who have more than 20 years of experience.


5 Ways to NOT Get News Coverage

News reporters want to cover cool stories. They want pieces that are fresh and unique. So why has no one responded to your press releases? What are you doing wrong? Here are 5 Ways to NOT Get News Coverage.


Should we rebrand PR or re-train PR pros?

Competent PR Pros know that it’s vital to research media targets and target pitches based on each reporter’s interests, so why were so many journalists at the trade show claiming they still receive pitches like those made last century?

Maybe it’s time to regroup, re-evaluate, and have a look at the list of “Don’ts” that ensure your PR work is hand in hand with journalists, and can therefore have a bigger impact on the business or brand you’re promoting.