Kyra Pybus portrait low res
Kyra Pybus portrait low res
Public Relations Makes Media Contacts Accessible For Small Businesses

Media contacts, once either expensive to acquire or hard to find, are now accessible on an iOS app. The platform, List Co, is making it possible for businesses, consultants and community groups to undertake media communications on their own behalf. The female-led and funded tech startup presents a solution for young businesses and is a genuine world first.

List Co. offers media lists for six key consumer categories: Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel & Dining, Food & Produce, Architecture & Interiors, Wellness & Fitness and Art & Culture. Each list indexes the leading 30 ‘traditional media’ publications in each consumer category, as well as their key editorial and advertising contacts.

“Young brands are confident storytellers in their ‘owned’ media – but accessing traditional media is foreboding and complex, and that’s understandable. The idea with List Co. is to make legacy publications easier to access, so young businesses are better able to include them in their PR and advertising strategies,” Kyra Pybus, founder of List Co., said.

Millennial entrepreneurs already use apps that are great business tools, so creating List Co. as a smartphone platform was a logical step, Kyra Pybus, said. “It’s the best way right now to provide info that is budget-friendly and always up-to-date. The platform is dynamic and scalable, so it can continually grow to give users what they are asking for.”

The app is a free download from the App Store. It offers free media relations tips, with individual lists available as in-app purchases. Monthly subscriptions, at $29.99 (USD) per month, are managed by the user in iTunes. The subscriptions are contract-free, giving users access for 28 days, or for as long as they need to keep on top of media updates in their category. The lists continually evolve and update with the changing media landscape.

“Users can download info directly related to their industry. It makes the media landscape fathomable to ‘non-comms’ people who want to get a better grip on the media in their own category. From there they can reach the right person with news and story ideas, or to discuss partnership and ad strategy.”

List Co. Director and PR consultant Kyra Pybus draws on more than a decade of international experience to build practical media lists for consumer-facing businesses. The startup was invited by the Australian Department of Trade and Innovation to the Berlin accelerator program from May to August 2018. List Co. is poised to launch in Asia and the Middle East markets.

Australian Media Lists

Fashion + Lifestyle Architecture + Interiors Food + Produce Travel + Dining Wellness + Fitness Art + Culture

US Media Lists

Fashion + Lifestyle Interiors, Decoration + DIY Food + Produce Travel + Lifestyle Travel + Dining Superlist

App Features

  • Contract-free subscriptions, at $29.99 per month, managed by the user in iTunes
  • Free media relations guide
  • Free iOS download from the App Store, with individual lists available as in-app purchases
  • Under 10 MB, which is less than the size of 3 songs, taking up very little space in users’ storage

An Australian, female-lead tech startup, List Co. has made media contacts truly accessible by matching media know-how with a scalable tech platform to create a genuine world first. List Co. was developed and self-funded by Melbournian PR professional Kyra Pybus. Beta launched in Australia in Jan 2018, List Co. was selected by the Department of Trade and Innovation for the 2018 Berlin ‘Landing Pad’ accelerator.

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