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Do This If You Can’t Afford A Publicist

When you can't afford a publicist, you start to feel like your PR is suffering - and it probably is. Here's how to make the best of it on your own.

When you can’t afford a publicist, you start to feel like your PR is suffering – and it probably is. Here’s how to make the best of it on your own.

Do This If You Can't Afford A Publicist - Lioness MagazinePublic Relations experts say that creating a good press kit is as essential as creating a good website. Both items reflect your brand and are important marketing tools for your business. Make your press kit one-stop shopping for a busy journalist, prospective customer, or potential referral sources who would like information about you and the products and services that your business provides. PR pros say that a useful press kit contains the following ingredients:

Company overview

Also known as the “one sheet”, it gives a thumbnail sketch of your business: company name, year formed, contact info, name and contact info of the company’s media spokesperson if the business is not a single person entity, a succinct description of the products and services provided and two or three key benefits, value-addeds or outcomes derived.

Frequently Asked Questions

Differentiate your company from the competition and provide helpful information with a Frequently Asked Questions FAQS page, if you desire. Use as a guide questions that prospective clients ask when you meet to discuss doing business.


The founders, principals, C-level executives and major investors should submit a one page bio for the press kit. The qualifications of the leadership team should be made known. Lou Hammond, of the public relations firm Hammond and Associates, recommends that three paragraphs is the ideal length of a press kit bio.


Customer testimonials allow those who have done business with you to sing your praises and add loads of credibility to your professional capability. Invite your three best customers to write a sentence or two and extol your virtues. Again, keep the testimonial segment to one page.

Press releases

Include three or four recent press releases, so that the press kit recipient will know what you are saying about your business activity: new product or service launches, business partnership, speaking engagements, webinar presentations or participation in a local charity event, for example.

Article links

Formerly known as press clippings, include links to articles in which your business has been mentioned to let interested parties know that you’ve garnered press coverage.


Invest in a session with a professional photographer and get an attractive head shot of yourself and each leadership team member.


A link to a short video clip of you or a C-level team member speaking at a prestige event, accepting an award and/or demonstrating a product can be included. Customer testimonials can also be presented in this format.

Press kits are usually compiled and distributed electronically. Nevertheless, there can be reasons to have ready hard copy to present to select individuals on the spot. A physical press kit represents another opportunity to communicate good things about your brand.

Create an attractive and informative package. Enclose the information in a portfolio folder in your company’s signature color. Attach a pre-printed label that contains your company name and logo. Print documents on good quality paper stock. Remember to include your business card.

Despite the rise of social media, the relevance of traditional media outlets, whether print or online, has not diminished. No matter how many social media followers you may have, mention of your name in the business section of a legitimate publication gives real credibility to you and your business. Invest the time and money necessary to create an informative and attractive press kit and update its contents each year.

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Kim L. Clark is a strategy and marketing consultant who works with for-profit and not-for-profit organization leaders who must achieve business goals. Kim is the founder and principal of the consulting firm Polished Professionals Boston and she teaches business plan writing to aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn how your organization might benefit when you work with Kim

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