Mina Presents: Lennox Gordon of Use It Don’t Lose It Masks

Meet Lennox Gordon, the young entrepreneur creating customized mask chains.

Welcome to Mina Presents, an interview series highlighting kid and teen entrepreneurs! Mina Boomer, our Young Entrepreneur Correspondent, talked to Lennox Gordon of Use It Don’t Lose It Masks. Lennox creates handmade mask chains with beads in different colors, shapes and textures. She uses Instagram to show finished products, feature customers and manage orders from as far away as Canada.

Noticing a need during COVID

After you left a store, how often did you take off your mask and just shove it into your pocket or grocery bag? Not the most sanitary habit, right? Lennox started Use It Don’t Lose It Masks because she noticed the same problem. Everyone wore masks, but they had nowhere to hold them. Her chains clip onto a mask and loop around the back of your neck, making it easy to take off. She’s received orders for mask chains from kids, adults and even a doctor’s office.

As Lennox says, part of the process involves picking a strong super-stretchy string that won’t break. She also designs the colorful chain. Customers can reach out through email or Instagram and ask for custom orders. Every set of beads has its own description, like Summer Vibes, Rainbow Brite or Princess Diaries. They can also ask for names and initials, making each mask chain personalized. It’s completely unique!

In her interview with Mina, the nine-year-old entrepreneur makes a chain together with Mina. Lennox also says that she’s proud of her business and plans to continue after COVID. She wants to keep making chains for hospitals or use her beads for necklaces and bracelets.

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About the author

Mina Boomer

Mina Boomer is Lioness Magazine’s Miami-based Young Entrepreneur Correspondent. Mina is a dino-loving, robotics-building storyteller who also serves her community as a Girl Scouts Junior. She is the creator of ‘Mina Presents’, a video series about kid and teen entrepreneurs. Mina likes to interview young entrepreneurs to show the world you don’t have to be a grown-up to have good ideas. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @MinaPresents


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  • could it be that mina is gonna end of just as famous as her super talented mom…..yes indeed..what a talented young lady and such an important report for all of us to keep super safe–thanks mina and lennie great work

  • wow two super talented young ladies and what a great inspiration for children everywhere to be the very best at what they do best…..great job ladies for sure

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