Mina Presents: The Teen Entrepreneur Behind Strawberries by Madi

In her video interviews, Mina Boomer highlights young entrepreneurs like Madison Borges. Borges grew Strawberries by Madi during the pandemic.

Introducing a new Lioness feature – Mina Presents! Mina Boomer is our Young Entrepreneur Correspondent, connecting with kids and teens building their own businesses. Through her video interviews, Mina gives an inside look into the creativity and passion driving these young entrepreneurs. As she says, “You don’t have to be a grown-up to have great ideas.”

Today’s feature is on Strawberries by Madi, an Instagram-based sweets shop with strawberries, cakesicles and hearts, all covered in chocolate.

Self-taught strawberry startup

Madison Borges launched Strawberries by Madi during the pandemic, since she wanted to use the time to start a business. She enjoyed decorating when she was young, so she thought that chocolate strawberries would be a great place to start. After teaching herself how to make the desserts, she began posting photos and accepting customized orders via DMs on Instagram.

As Madi shows Mina, the process is similar to fondue. Using a thin skewer, she dips each strawberry into the chocolate before covering them in thin piping, edible confetti and other decorations. As orders came in and demand grew, Madi began offering new options like cakesicles, hot cocoa bombs and giant chocolate hearts. She takes orders for holidays, birthdays, graduations and even special occasions like this adorable confession.

In her interview with Mina, Madi shares that she loves the creative process and that some of her favorite orders were making a set based on llamas and another on giraffes. You can find Strawberries by Madi on Instagram to browse her offerings and place an order.

More Mina Presents

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If you’re a young entrepreneur or know someone who might be a good match, reach out to Mina to coordinate an interview!

About the author

Mina Boomer

Mina Boomer is Lioness Magazine’s Miami-based Young Entrepreneur Correspondent. Mina is a dino-loving, robotics-building storyteller who also serves her community as a Girl Scouts Junior. She is the creator of ‘Mina Presents’, a video series about kid and teen entrepreneurs. Mina likes to interview young entrepreneurs to show the world you don’t have to be a grown-up to have good ideas. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @MinaPresents

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