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Do You Know The Meaning Of Failure?

By P. Kim Bui Letting go and failure aren't the same thing. Let's look at how it's interpreted differently depending on where you are in the grieving process.

The Gothamist and DNAinfo sites were just abruptly shut down (Hire these people). I am so sorry to anyone affected, and if you need a coffee I’m there.

I had been thinking about failure a lot even before today, and how it’s interpreted differently depending on where you are in the grieving process. I’m in the midst of letting go of something and it’s not easy, but I am trying to remind myself it’s not failure.

So, here’s a list of what failure can be. 

Failure is part of the process.

Failure is key to growth.

Failure is an acceptable outcome.

Failure is defeating.

Failure is devastating.

Failure is (sometimes) liberating.

Failure is what you make of it.

Failure is one step toward the answer.

Failure is temporary.

Failure is not fatal.

Failure is inevitiable.

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P. Kim Bui is the editor-at-large for NowThis News, focusing on original, social reporting and breaking news. Prior to NowThis, she was deputy managing editor for, a digital media startup specializing in social journalism. Her career has focused on leading breaking news initiatives and new storytelling forms for local, national and global audiences.

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