What Your Meetings Say About Your Company’s Culture

By Jessica Higgins We know that meetings can be annoying, sure. But, meetings are one of the most important things that happen in your business when it comes to company culture.

When Is A Compliment Insincere?

By P. Kim Bui What makes a compliment insincere in the workplace? Instead of just offering them for the sake of it, putting some thought into your words could have a positive impact on workplace morale. Here’s how to properly compliment an employee.

The Middles: How To Disagree

Disagreeing isn’t always as easy as it seems it should be, particularly in the workplace. Kim shares her insight on how it the art of it correlates with listening.

Do You Know The Meaning Of Failure?

By P. Kim Bui Letting go and failure aren’t the same thing. Let’s look at how it’s interpreted differently depending on where you are in the grieving process.

Can Your Staffer’s Love Affair And Indiscretions Affect Your Business?

Your manager has an affair. What does it have to do with your business? We chat with professor Adam Yore to get the low down on employee indiscretions.

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How To Become An Irresistible Leader

Leadership expert Roberta Matuson talks about becoming an irresistible leader, women taking hold of their careers, inspiring their employees and more.

10 Tips To Build Terrific Virtual Teams

Have tried and tested principles to guide you through the mire of leading virtual teams. Today we’re giving you the 10 tips to building terrific teams.

The High Quit Rate Of Women In Tech – Women Are Fleeing At Twice The Rate Than Men

The quit rate of women in tech is concerningly high — 56 percent, which is twice the rate as that of men who leave their jobs at the peak of their careers. Meanwhile, a Reuters study found that more than a quarter of tech executives said their companies had no women at all in leadership positions.

How To Build A Power Startup Team

Building a power team for your business goes beyond the necessity of hiring. Allison Maslan is teaching women what they need to do to build a startup team.

6 Classic Leadership Styles: Which One Are You?

The truly adept leader will assess the team and employ a leadership style that will offer support and ensure desired results. Know which style to use when.