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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” It’s time to learn new strategies with leadership and executive coach Dr. Waajida L. Small and her podcast, “Leading with Purpose.” She’s inviting women of color who are stepping into positions of leadership and influence in their organizations and industries to listen to real, practical and applicable advice on how to lead with purpose and impact the world.

What’s the podcast about?

The Leading with Purpose Podcast provides women of color with tools to turn their purpose into practice. Listeners rising into positions of leadership and influence are provided with strategies to live, work and lead a purpose through shared stories and practical and applicable advice.

Featured episode: S2:E2 – Being Well. Being Whole.

In this episode, Dr. Waajida L. Small explores the concept of psychosocial well-being and how it impacts our ability to be successful. She reviews Carol Ryff’s components of psychosocial well-being, what they look like and their impact on our ability to make an impact in life.

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Dr. Waajida L. Small is the founder and CEO of Capital Conscious U LLC, a leadership development firm. The company focuses on helping career and entrepreneurial women find and align their purpose. Over the past 15 years as a human resources leader and executive, Dr. Small has helped international organizations design and implement strategies to attract, develop and retain top talent. Using platforms such as her blog Living, Learning, Leading and her podcast Leading with Purpose, Dr. Small provides insight into the real-life experiences of women of color in the workforce. She coaches and teaches strategies and best practices to position women of color for success. Dr. Small is the author of “Our Leadership Journey: Shared Stories, Lessons and Advice for Women of Color”, a book for women of color on the rise into positions of leadership and influence.

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