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It’s time to turn the focus on the leaders changing the game in women’s healthcare. Dr. Brittany Barreto is the founder and executive director of FemTech Focus, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization centering around raising awareness and support for the femtech industry. Dr. Barreto uses her podcast as a platform to connect with experts and share their work.

What’s the podcast about?

The FemTech Focus Podcast with Dr. Brittany Barreto is a meaningfully provocative conversational series that brings femtech experts—including doctors, scientists, inventors and founders—on air to talk about the innovative technology, services and products (collectively known as femtech) that are improving women’s health and wellness. Though many leaders in femtech are women, this podcast is not specifically about female founders, nor is it geared toward a specifically female audience. The podcast gives our host, Dr. Brittany Barreto, and guests an engaging, friendly environment to learn about the past, present and future of women’s health and wellness.

Why should people listen to your podcast?

The femtech industry needed a champion to discuss women’s natural biological processes, expose the extent to which women are suffering and dying due to lack of innovation and promote the technologies that are improving their lives. FemTech Focus is a 501c3 non-profit organization. It was founded to bring awareness externally and internally to the femtech industry. Our goal is to empower the key stakeholders including entrepreneurs, investors, physicians, governments and biopharma with resources and research to elevate women’s health and wellness globally.

Featured episode: Cost to Acquire a Customer in FemTech & SexTech with O.School – Episode 138

Dr. Brittany Barreto interviews Andrea Barrica, the founder and CEO of O.School. O.School is a judgment-free multi-media platform for sexual wellness. Barrica is building a future with less sexual shame and judgment and more permission to build sexual wellness, whatever that means for each person. O.School believes that every human being on this planet deserves comprehensive education about sex, pleasure and relationships. Barrica is a serial entrepreneur, investor and contributor to New York Times and Forbes.com. She is also the author of the book entitled “Sextech Revolution, the Future of Sexual Wellness”.

In the interview, Andrea Barrica explains how she was raised in a religious, conservative, first-generation Filipino-American family that only taught abstinence. Struggling with her own sexuality and the shameful messages she received about sex and the importance of virginity, she couldn’t find reliable resources online. She became obsessed with the question: what exists between Planned Parenthood and porn? In this interview, the two deep dive into customer acquisition in the women’s health space. FemTech Focus reported that one of the four biggest challenges facing femtech startups is media censorship of our products on marketing platforms. Barrica and Dr. Brittany Barreto deep dive into some key metrics on marketing, research and sales in the women’s health space.

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Every day, Dr. Barreto dedicates her work to advancing women’s health. She does this by equipping founders, investing in ideas and engaging key stakeholders to create better healthcare for women, females and girls. She is an unconventional scientist, entrepreneur and consultant that proves that anything is possible with hard work and heart. Her journey in women’s health began as a distributor and educator for Athena’s Home Novelties (sextech). She has engaged in HHMI-funded research on potential correlations between Estrogen & Alzheimer’s, which disproportionately affects women. While finishing her doctorate in Genetics, she founded a venture-backed startup, Pheramor, the world’s first DNA-based dating app. The algorithm incorporated factors that increase sexual compatibility and fertility between matches.

Dr. Barreto shifted into investments as Senior Venture Associate & launched Capital Factory’s Gulf Coast branch. Dr. Barreto noticed how underserved the femtech industry was. She set out to bring awareness, resources and capital to it via her new organization, FemTech Focus. Today, Dr.Barreto hosts the number one femtech podcast. She also produces data-driven industry reports, co-founded the 6th femtech fund, is recognized globally as a women’s health leader and is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant.

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