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Breaking Boundaries and Reaching Your Full Potential in The Pursuit of Purpose

Amidst the overwhelming stress of societal pressures, have you ever stopped to consider that your true potential might already reside within you? This is the essence of “The Pursuit of Purpose: A Woman’s Guide to Activate Her Full Potential and Uniquely Impact the World.” Through her guide, Dr. Nadine Collins helps you shatter your personal limitations and leads you through a transformative journey.

What is your book about?

Your desire in life is connected to something that you already have—something that you were born with. Most of our searching takes us outward. Instead, the pursuit of purpose is where the journey of success begins, because you already have all that you need to succeed to reach your full potential.

Topics include:

  • Why you’ve struggled to uncover your purpose in the past… no, it’s not your fault that pursuing purpose was not on the top of your “shopping” list.
  • Why it is essential to make the pursuit of purpose your #1 priority—even though you now think of your purpose as a hobby or ‘side’ hustle and not something that could bring you success.
  • Strategies to experience great success right now, no matter your current profession or what’s happening in the world.
  • How to begin making an impact and experience peace, fulfillment and joy doing what you love.
  • The essential ingredients you need if you are serious about building success around your Divine purpose, including breaking free from indoctrinations and shattering the Mentally Constructed Glass Ceiling.
  • A step-by-step plan to bring you from where you are now, feeling stuck or misguided, to position you to live more intentionally and create success around your Divine purpose and calling.
  • An eye-opening account of how women (predominantly Christian women) have been indoctrinated to accept false beliefs about who they are and what they are called to do.
  • Why living in your Divine purpose as a Christian woman does not make you “ungodly.” In fact, it is a revolutionary process that makes you better for every role that you play because you are living true to yourself and to who God created you to be.

Why is this a must-read? Who is the book for?

We have not been wired, taught or even indoctrinated to pursue purpose. Many of us spend our lives pursuing dreams and conforming to societal and religious norms, influenced by indoctrinations that tell us who we should be, what we should be doing and how we should be doing it. This book will take you on a journey against all you have ever known to be most important in life and help reprogram your mind to pursue the most remarkable thing within you—your Divine purpose.

Single most important takeaway:

You have a Divine purpose. Your purpose matters. And finding your purpose in life will bring you joy, fulfillment and peace while positioning you for great impact.

If you’re ready to reach your full potential, read Step Out on Your Wire: Bravery and Purpose.

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Meet the author

Dr. Nadine Collins holds a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on Administration in Higher Education, focusing on women in top leadership. Dr. Collins has traveled to over 80 countries, inspiring and empowering faith-based women to uncover their Divine purpose and build successful lives. She is the author of nine inspirational books and has ongoing programs on two international TV stations. She has published numerous academic and theoretical articles on marginalized groups, especially women.

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