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Book of the Week – ERG Intelligence: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Employee Groups

Imagine a workplace where employees feel included, empowered and ready to give their best. Employee groups are essential to supporting your current team and attracting and retaining top, diverse talent. “ERG Intelligence: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Employee Groups” by Alyssa Dver explains employee resource groups (ERGs) and shows how they can improve company culture.

What is your book about?

Today’s ERGs must be visibly healthy to attract and retain top, diverse talent. Research now proves that when ERGs are done well, they give a clear competitive advantage. But poorly supported ERGs can drag down organizational culture and productivity. Written in quick and easy-to-read FAQ format, “ERG Intelligence” includes definitions, examples, best practices and templates to guide ERG policy and procedures. Leaders at every level will understand how to best support critical employee groups that directly contribute to business and employee success.

Learn more about:

  • What employee groups are and their business purpose.
  • The various names, types and structures of ERGs.
  • What types of organizations have or should have ERGs.
  • The internal employee group ecosystem involved and the overall stakeholders impacted.
  • Critical and controversial considerations for setting up ERGs.
  • Cross-industry ERG trends and best practices.
  • Next steps to progress your organization’s ERGs.

Why should people read it? Who is this book for?

Many readers will be part of their organization’s HR/Diversity function. But this book is written for all open-minded leaders and business professionals who want to create inclusive workplaces as well as current and potential executive sponsors and allies.

Single most important takeaway:

You can make a significant difference for everyone in your organization. You can impact the lives of over 42+ million people already involved with employee groups around the world today.

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Meet the author:

Alyssa Dver leads the ERG Leadership Alliance, the largest global association of employee group champions working together to make all workplaces diverse, equitable and inclusive. She also founded the American Confidence Institute, where she delivers brain science-based training and keynotes. Recognized by the Stevie Awards as a Thought Leader, Alyssa is an adviser at the MIT and Wharton innovation centers and a spokesperson for L’Oréal’s IT Cosmetics brand and The American Distilling Institute. Check out her two TEDx talks and popular Real Confidence podcast. “ERG Intelligence: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Employee Groups” is her 8th expert-endorsed book.

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