PC Cover Dr. Jessica Houston
PC Cover Dr. Jessica Houston
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Book of the Week – Profitable Conversations

Dr. Jessica Houston urges women to be ambitious and develop their personal potential in her inspirational guide.

Looking for some beach reads? We’re showcasing books written by speakers at our sister company, Innovation Women. Read the best books to help you launch your startup or refine your business skills. Our feature for this week is “Profitable Conversations” by Dr. Jessica Houston, Lead Consultant at Jessica Houston Enterprises.

Learn more about the book from Dr. Houston:

What is “Profitable Conversations” about?

“Profitable Conversations” teaches ambitious women to position themselves for expansion. It is a resource guide loaded with inspiration, peak performance tips and self-growth strategies. If you feel like you have hit a plateau, this book is for you. If you feel frustrated because of self-doubt and false narratives, this book is for you. As you turn each page, you will be stretched, and your normal way of thinking will be challenged.

Topics include:

  • Avoiding the pitfall of doubt
  • Walking in your purpose
  • Your “YES” is valuable
  • Handling disappointment
  • Promotion requires preparation
  • Manifesting your vision
  • The path to victory
  • Get ready to soar

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Do you have dreams you have placed on the back burner? “Profitable Conversations” helps you discover and unlock every ounce of potential that you have inside of you. If you know that you are called to do more and be more, you have picked the right book. The strategies shared will work if you implement them. How can I be so confident? I am confident, because what I am sharing is based upon personal experience. By reading this book, you get the benefit of reaching your destination quicker.

Best takeaway

“Living an adequate life might be sufficient, but it is not fulfilling.”

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“There can be moments when our situation seems dismal. During these moments, a seed of doubt can grow. Although it is a thought that simply crossed your mind, if it is not addressed, it can lure you into a pitfall of doubt. As the manager of your thoughts and emotions, you have the authority to prevent doubt from taking up residence in your mind. Doubt is a breakthrough blocker. Think about it. Your victory begins in your mind. So, if you have lost the battle in your mind, you have lost the battle. Period.”

Meet the author

Dr. Jessica Houston has traveled nationally and internationally, empowering thousands as an inspirational speaker and peak performance consultant. Dr. Houston’s key messaging and platform are heavily influenced by her career in social work, K-12 administration and higher education, which expands more than a decade. She currently serves as a professor at Purdue University and owns and operates a successful personal and professional development training company.

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