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unmute yourself
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Book of the Week – Unmute Yourself: Speak Up to Stand Out

Nancy Medoff encourages women to be self-advocates and build a seat for themselves at the table.

Looking for some beach reads? We’re showcasing books written by speakers at our sister company, Innovation Women. Read the best books to help you launch your startup or refine your business skills. Our feature for this week is “Unmute Yourself: Speak Up to Stand Out” by author, speaker and coach Nancy Medoff.

Learn more about the book from Medoff:

What is “Unmute Yourself” about?

“Unmute Yourself” is a call to action for women who are tired of being both silent and silenced. Each section provides tactical tools and resources along with real life, relatable anecdotes for women who want to get a seat at the table and then build a bigger table. It discusses the unicorn job, more clients, negotiating a salary increase, landing high profile projects, adding resources to your teams and recognition for your ideas and unique value. Confidence impacts outcomes. If you’re ready to speak up to stand Out, this book is for you.

Topics include:

  • Speak Up: Tactics for women to overcome conversation gender bias and discussions on how confidence impacts outcomes
  • Stand Out: An instructional roadmap for using persuasive communication to get and keep the attention of the room
  • Step Up: A call to action for women to ride the wave and approach opportunities with clarity and confidence
  • The Confidence Manifesto: A daily declaration of each reader’s individual commitments to change how they show up for themselves and for their circle

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Article contributor Nancy Medoff

This handbook is a call to action for women (and men who support women) who are ready to take their careers and their lives to the next level and start getting what they want and deserve at work. An unprecedented number of doors have opened for women, and not all women are ready. Readers need the confidence to step into their power and own their authenticity to truly thrive at work. They are willing to do their part in closing the gender gap for female CEOs and negotiate equal pay and confront gender-based conversation bias. This action-packed communication handbook provides the tools and confidence needed to approach the problem.

About the author

Nancy Medoff, the Confidence Evangelist, has literally “written the book” on women and confidence. “Unmute Yourself and Speak Up to Stand Out” is a game changer for women who are tired of being silent and silenced. From Boston to Bahrain, Sydney to Singapore and everywhere in between, empowering women is her life mission. Medoff helps them step into their strengths, know their own power and understand their worth.

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