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Is The Author Incubator The New Way For Author’s To Publish Books?

We've heard of business incubators, but ones for authors? Dr. Angela Lauria says, yes. She has created an incubator to help authors find publishing success. The Author Incubator is open for business.

 Founder of The Author Incubator Dr. Angela Lauria.

Perched on top of a hill over looking the waters of Virginia is a majestic castle housing a royal majesty with a plethora of stories to share with the world.

The line above may sound fictional, but it is truly the life of Dr. Angela Lauria, founder of The Author Incubator. Named by Entrepreneur as one of the “50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017,” she has successfully led over 250 first-time authors to create books in the self-help industry, ranging from relationships with mothers to being an ally to others in the 21st century.

The name “Author Incubator” was born from an intense branding revamp, but more so the testimonies from previous clients who reached their writing goals with the help of Lauria.

“I do love our name because it is really all about the author and their message, and not just the book.” And this is exactly what Lauria emphasizes within the confines of her home and workspace, as she along with her staff, mold and mentor selected individuals into best-selling authors through a seamless, yet rigorous process.

For a book to stand out, Lauria looks for a new project to have a powerful message of hope, healing and transformation coupled with an author’s commitment, readiness and integrity to complete the text. As part of the vetting process, applicants fill out a detailed form and participate in pre-interviews to have the possibility of a one-on-one meeting with the owner to craft a unique writing process including a nine-week turnaround of a manuscript and multiple developmental tactics over the course of four months to a year, if selected.

Lauria’s own story began in the book industry well before her company was founded. For over 20 years ago, she served as a ghostwriter, researcher, editor, copywriter and even a publicist. With all of this experience, it would seem as though having her own company was the clear and obvious end career move for her.

However, the “aha” moments came through a multitude of aspects: her journey with her weight, personality quizzes and later a self-evaluation exercise asking a simple, look-into-the-future question: “How did you end up here?” In this paired activity, Lauria shared her vision of owning a publishing company.

“I think one of the bravest decisions I made is by just focusing on helping life coaches write books that make a difference,” Lauria said. With over 150 present clients around the world and more than 300 who have graduated the program, Lauria aims to build a connection with each person through retreats and upcoming projects such as a branded institute coming in the upcoming year.

Having a person by your side in the publishing industry is far more critical than others realize, yet Lauria is fulfilling this role for so many. “I want to be the world’s best book coach for life coaches.”

To find out more about all things related to The Author Incubator, her team and the application process, visit here.

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