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Aishwarya Malhi Launched Rebalance Accelerator for Diverse Founders

Aishwarya Malhi and Vikas Kumar launched Rebalance, an early-stage accelerator based in Gurgaon, India. Founded in 2019, Rebalance aims to help startups with female founders or co-founders succeed. According to their website, they help founders “scale their business by strengthening their core mission, repositioning their approach to fundraising, and championing user acquisition.”

Rebalance offers an accelerator program and a Mentor Hours Program. The former is a 15-week on-site program that helps early-stage companies craft a viable blueprint for their business. This program assists businesses with female founders. The latter is a hybrid remote/on-site program that aims to assist companies with their fundraising. This program is available to founders of any gender. It also gives participants the opportunity to communicate with venture capitalists and angel investors. Rebalance has worked with 18 companies from India across 2 cohorts and has led investments through Rebalance Angels Community.

They also champion an initiative called the Diverse Investors League. According to Malhi, the Diverse Investors League is “a community of venture capitalists who are looking to diversify their inbound deal flow” by investing in female-founded companies. 

At this point, Rebalance is mainly concerned with elevating and empowering female entrepreneurs. However, they eventually intend to promote entrepreneurs from other underrepresented groups as well, such as the LGBTQ+ community. “While Rebalance is for women entrepreneurs, our vision does not end there,” Malhi also said.

In this interview, Malhi discusses the goals of Rebalance, the moment when she and her co-founder realized they were on the right path, and her advice for those looking to join an accelerator. Female founders can connect with her via LinkedIn. Check out Lioness’s 2020 Resource Guide for Female Entrepreneurs for more resources and information.

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