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Apply for Build Without Burnout Program

Apply for Build Without Burnout to create a stronger business for you and your team by learning resilience strategies and tips for combatting burnout. 

How Build Without Burnout works:

Build Without Burnout is SoGal Foundation’s leadership training program that focuses on holistic entrepreneurship to reprioritize mental health and wellness within the founder community. Additionally, this program is in partnership with Atlas.

This six-month, cohort-based program encourages founder development in executive leadership, physical health, and emotional/cognitive fitness. Led by experts, and personalized with a data-driven approach, founders match with a curated, intimate group of peer entrepreneurs who meet virtually every other week with dialogue facilitated by a coach with a degree and overseen by a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Three core principles

  1. Human capital is key. Atlas wants to return humans to the center of the conversation for successful company building. Providing a robust support structure around leaders will inspire greater engagement and productivity in the teams they lead.
  2. Good leadership is integrated. The transformation from start-up founder into effective leader is an important one that requires interdisciplinary improvement across focus areas of mental, emotional as well as physical health.
  3. Build without burnout. Atlas optimizes for longevity, so their services support founders in their times and places of need, giving them the confidence and courage necessary to succeed where others might give up.

Who is eligible?

  1. Anyone who self-identifies as an underrepresented founder.
  2. Build Without Burnout best suits early-stage founders with traction, such as employees, revenue, raised outside capital.

How to apply for Build Without Burnout:

Applications are open until November 30. The cohort begins in early January once a common start date is selected.

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